Another New Household Member

I’ve been wanting another dog for a while.  We tried a couple of years ago, but it didn’t go so well.  I really thought I wanted a gentle giant, like a Newfypoo… but they are all far away and shipping costs as much as the dog!

So I began looking locally for a poodle mix of some sort.  Even though I have the $, I really didn’t want to pay $800 for a dog.  I looked at all the shelters within 5 hours – mostly lab mixes or ranch dog mixes.  And then I saw him.  =)

He was on Facebook on a pets for rehoming page and I inquired on May 31st, but then I thought he was in Oregon, so I said never mind.  It took the owner until June 13th to respond to me (probably because the message was in her “other” folder)  She was in Montana!  She had someone coming to look at him on the weekend, so I had to wait… and wait…  I knew that if the Father wanted me to have this dog, He would work it out.  I stayed in touch with the owner to let them know I was interested and then finally the day came!  On Monday, June 20th, he came to live with us for a fraction of the cost of a registered poodle.

He’s a miniature poodle.  I think the color would be considered apricot.  Or maybe cream.  I admit it, I love poodles.  I have had a Tiny Toy Poodle for 11 years and he is an amazing dog.  In the five days that Fin has been here, he has been just as amazing.  He is sweet, mellow, smart, obedient, loving, and well-mannered.  I am so grateful that he is here!  Guess what else?  He keeps Shabbat too!  He is laying at my feet as I type this!  =)

Shabbat Shalom, my friends!

Meet Driggs Finley Deyoji!





Driggs and Little Bear

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The Kids are Here!

I am so excited to report that our sweet little doe had her kids on June 8th.  Three beautiful, blue-eyed kids.  A gorgeous little buckling, a beautiful brown doeling with black stripe on her backbone and a tiny little brown doeling with white splashes on her face and sides.  The mama is an excellent mama!  Very attentive and loving.  The babies are frisky and thriving.  All is well.

Our little ducklings should be arriving soon too!  We are getting some Indian Runner or Penguin ducks.  They are prolific egg layers and they don’t need a huge body of water.  I’m super excited!  We will add that to our menagerie or goats, chickens, dogs and cats.

Speaking of cats… we haven’t seen one of our kitties for a couple of months.  =(  He was such a great cat and only 13 years old, but he had a great life and in the wild anything can happen.  We are probably better off not knowing!  Thankfully, we still have two cats and they like each other!


I am also *considering* getting a couple of bum lambs.  They are Icelandic and you can keep them with goats.  Here is what they look like!  They can be used for milk, meat or fiber.


In a week or so I hope to be traveling across the country for about 10 days.  My daughter and/or my dad will probably be with me.  I plan to stop along the way to see many people I haven’t connected with in decades!  I’m not crazy about being gone so long, but I know it will be fun to reconnect with everyone!

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Summer is Here

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 7.38.59 PM

Photo by Christian 1776 at Deviant Art . Com

In Montana, that is quite a feat!  Today is the first day I can remember in 2016 where it has been hot.  The goats were out grazing, the plants are thriving, the chickens are running around eating bugs, the pets are chilling and the family is outdoors just enjoying the Creation.  So much to be thankful for!

It’s a busy season with my home business, so that makes me EXTRA thankful also for Sabbath.  A day where I can go hang out with the goats, enjoy the garden, sleep in, take a nap, snack on delicious treats, and just listen.  Right now I hear crickets on the hill and birds chirping in the tall grass.  Our road is a dead end, so only every once in a while do I hear a car drive by on the gravel road.  A few dogs are barking in the distance.  Such serenity in life on the farm and a day of REST to boot!

I have been neglectful of this blog… so let me catch you up.  Our last doe of the year is due to kid in the next week or two.  I am very excited to see what she has for us.  We are keeping the herd small this year.  Four does, a wether and a buck at this point.   I just want to sell enough babies to pay for the keep of the herd… not worried about profit.

I miss the slower times of  making sourdough, cheese , yogurt and kefir… but this is only for a season.

This summer I will be traveling quite a bit… in the last half of June I am driving from Montana to Florida via Minnesota and then via Denver on the way back.  Then in the beginning of August I will be driving from Montana to Pennsylvania and back.  If you are on that route and would like to connect, contact me and I’ll see if we can arrange it!  I would love to find place to spend Shabbat while on the road!  =)

How about you?  I would love to hear from you about what you plan to do this summer.  What you are learning on your journey.  Anything you want to share!  I am also interested to hear what kind of recipes you are most interested in…

Until then – have a lovely and wonder-filled week!

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Mandala’s and Yoga

I thought about posting this article about adult coloring books and mandalas on my fb page but then decided most of the readers there are probably not interested in hearing this.  I think ya’ll are open to other perspectives and learning, so I am sharing it here.

I know for me it was a real eye opener.  While it only mentions yoga in the comments, I included that in the title because I hope you will read through all the comments and take to heart what she says about Yoga and Mandalas.

PLEASE read this with an open mind.  I searched through several adult coloring books on Amazon and bought one that is produced by Christian Press and was extremely disappointed to find it has 8 mandalas in it.  I am tearing those pages out and burning them.  My next book I will need to take even more time to look through it!

I will not be posting any example of mandalas on here.  The author of the article has photos in her article, but I don’t feel comfortable doing that.  I did my own research on mandalas too and everything she says is spot on.

Folks, this is nothing to mess with!  I have many christian friends who unknowingly open themselves up to evil spirits through yoga, through thinking the spirits in their house are “cute” and “friendly” when they turn off lights in the house or move items around.  They might start out this way, but as the lady in the article states, eventually their true colors show and then it becomes frightening.

I hope you will take this warning to heart!  I am posting it because I kare about you.  Truly I do! =)



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Olive Oil from Israel

I am SO excited!  I just placed my first order for olive oil from Galilee Green.

I had a dear friend recommend it to me.  She has been using it and loves it.  They have an automatic shipment that comes every 90 days right to your door.  I know the value of a quality olive oil, so rather than risk getting diluted oil at the store, I am ordering this.

This is from their website:

Enjoy our Premium Boutique Olive Oil

canOur Galilee Green Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is among the finest you can find anywhere in the world. The olives are lovingly harvested from Olive Groves in Northern Israel.

It’s a mild blend of Barnea, Coratina and Koroneiki varieties. Each of these varieties are grown and harvested here in the Galilee and nurtured by the waters of the Jordan River. It’s very smooth and mild when you taste it with just a bit of a tang a few seconds later. You’ll love its delicate fragrance.

chatam soferYou can trust you’ll be getting 100% pure Olive Oil, and it is certified kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Shlomo Didi of local Kinneret-Emek HaYarden Rabbinic Council as well as Chatam Sofer of Bnei Brak. It is supervised Kosher which means that the olives are only picked from trees that are over three years old and all Biblical tithes are taken.  The olives are  brought directly to the olive press the same day. As part of the Kosher supervision, the machines are washed and cleaned before our oil is cold pressed.

And here is a video about how the oil is made:

What type of oil do you use?  Do you have a favorite olive oil?  Share with us in the comments!




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A Day of Rest

Oh how I love Sabbath!  Refreshment of the soul, of the body, of the mind…  I guard it carefully and look forward to it with anticipation each week!

I thought it would be fun for everyone to share what they do on this special day?  How do you set it apart?  What kind of meals do you eat?  Do you stay home and rest or go visit others?  What is your favorite thing about Sabbath?  Do you have a favorite teacher you like to listen to?  A favorite version of Scripture?

I will start.  We set the day apart first of all by not working.  We don’t wash dishes unless we run out, we don’t bake or cook from scratch, we don’t do any housework except putting the dishes neatly on the counter.

Our usual meals are cold cereal for breakfast (that’s a treat we only have once a week) and salad or sandwiches for lunch.  Sometimes we will  start a chicken in the crock pot the night before and then snack on that all day.  We usually try to have a special dessert and some chips too.  All things that we don’t normally have during the week.

We stay home 2-3 weeks out of the month.  I just find it more restful.  The other week we will drive to visit other couples or families that we know and spend the day with them.  We love doing that too!

My favorite thing about Sabbath is resting.  I don’t understand why anyone thinks that is a burden.  =)  It is such a PLEASURE!

At this time we don’t have a favorite teacher, but in the past we have enjoyed Rico Cortes, Test Everything, Zach Bauer and others.

Our favorite two versions of Scripture at this point are The HalleluYah Scriptures and The Scriptures.

Please share with us!  I am so excited to hear all the responses!  Make it as long as you want!


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What is Leavening?


When we first began this journey 6 years ago I had no idea what we were in for! I’m so glad everything was not revealed at once because it would have been so overwhelming! Can anyone relate?

Like many others we saw the traditions and errors of christianity and jumped right into the traditions and errors of Judaism.

It has been a continuous process of questioning, studying, learning, changing and then starting all over again. I used to feel like I knew all the right answers. Apologetics it was called.   I had the verses memorized and the words were ready to be said at any moment. Now I wonder how I could ever have all the answers. Even the simplest thing like what is leavening must be questioned and researched!

For the first years that we kept the Feast of Unleavened Bread we searched the entire house for any crumb of bread, any box of food with yeast in it, gave away our yeast, etc. It was lovely to have the house so thoroughly cleaned once a year, but then something occurred to me that made us do things differently this year.

Yeast only leavens if it is added to other ingredients. Also bread that is baked no longer has active yeast. If you leave out a jar of yeast or a piece of bread, it is not going to leaven anything.

HOWEVER, there is a type of leavening that would be able to do this. It’s called sourdough. If sourdough is left out, even without adding anything, it will create leaven. In fact, if water is added to flour and left out, it can also create leaven. I believe THIS is what we are to remove from our house! Yes, we could also rid the house of all yeast and yeast bread… but those are not going to do any leavening on their own.

This year we did throw out or give away our yeast (we don’t have much any more, we are trying not to use it as much these days), yeast breads and crackers and we cleaned out the toaster and some basic cleaning, but the main thing we did was use all the sourdough so that there is no *live* leavening in the house.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!


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I just wanted to share this article that came across my fb feed today.  It is very well articulated and basically the way we have operated in our home school, at least in the latter years…

Would love to hear your thoughts!

How To Learn All Subjects Through Unschooling



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Quality Essential Oils


For those of you who are passionate about essential oils, like I am, I wanted to make you aware of a few of my recent exciting discoveries!

For several years I was part of one of the large companies that distributes these oils and definitely saw people benefiting from the oils… but I have since found out a few things that concern me… and they should concern you too.  Take a look at this article.

The Quality of Essential Oils

Also, a lot of Direct Sales companies will jack up the prices of essential oils in order to pay their distributors, which means higher cost for us, the buyers.

So what’s a person to do?  How do we know which oils?  Which companies can we trust?  I know there are sources out there.  I personally have found one with very reasonable prices  that I am completely confident in, and I know there are others.  My recommendation would be to do your research.   Research the company.  Do your own independent study if you can.  Compare the results.  ASK ME about the company I buy from!

Read generic books and studies about essential oil quality – not those written by the companies that produce them…  for an unbiased opinion.  This book was highly recommended to me and I will be ordering it today.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 8.14.21 AM


The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Every Day Wellness  *

I have other books written by folks in the top two companies, but I wanted something that wasn’t written by one of their representatives.  I’m excited to let you know what I think after I receive it on Monday!

*Disclaimer: Amazon pays me a tiny commission for referring customers to them.  This is one of the ways we can earn a small income through our blogging efforts.



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Meet the Animals


Ricky is almost 16 years old – which is very old for an outdoor cat.  He is a retired mouse hunter.  In his younger years he occasionally came home with battle scars, one of which gave him a permanent drool and a piece of his ear is missing.  Freddie sometimes brings him his food now, to honor him.  Ricky is every farm’s dream cat.


Freddie is 13 years old.  He is probably the most mellow cat I have ever known.  He befriended our first German Wirehair when he was bedridden with a tumor on his leg and they remained friends until death separated them.  Our current German Wirehair loves him.  Freddie worked out a trade – he lets the dog chew on him and the dog lets him eat some of his dog food.  It works well for them.

At Valerianos (13)

Little Bear is 11 years old.  This is not a recent picture, he is a little more gray now, but still just as cute and full of energy.  I never thought I would own a little dog because they are yippy and nervous, but this guy breaks the mold.  He is like a member of the family and we still fight over who gets to sleep with him at night.


Cooter is my husband’s hunting dog.  He loves to hunt birds and although he sounds ferocious when he hears the UPS man or the propane delivery truck, he is a very loving and sweet dog.  I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body.

This is my daughter’s beloved kitty, Bamboo.  Twice in his 2 years of living here, he has gone off on adventures and we thought we lost him.  He is SO sweet and so beautiful, that we thought for sure someone decided to keep him.  Thankfully both times he also came back – mysteriously looking very fat and healthy.  =)  I guess we will never know…  He has a permanent purr and is dearly loved.

We also have goats.  If you want to meet them, visit our Nigerian Dwarf Goat website.

We plan to have chickens/chicks again this spring.  We sold our previous flock to travel out of the country and I miss having them around!



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