Affordable Wellness

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Chaverah Farm

Welcome to our farm!  Click on the links below to visit the different pages. GOATS Our little wonder goats are just the right size for your mini farm.  They are friendly, small and give lots of delicious milk.  Check them out and see what you think! FOWL  What could be better than a little flock … Continue reading Chaverah Farm


The Healing Place

*Brought to you by KARE Solutions* Welcome to the Healing Place.  Our focus is on spiritual, emotional and physical healing.  We believe they are inter-related, beginning with spiritual healing and working outward from there.  While it is possible to have some physical healing without focusing on the spiritual and/or emotional first,  it will be much … Continue reading The Healing Place


Chickens were our first introduction to farm life.  It was probably about 17 years ago that someone was getting rid of their flock and we volunteered to take them.  Little did we know how much pleasure could come from this small creature. Up to this point we have had a variety of breeds, including Black Australorp, Rhode … Continue reading Fowl


Simply Delicious

Over the past several years I have read some great books regarding the way we eat and how that affects our health.  I glean great information from each one and try to implement that into the way we eat.  The latest diet and health fads will come and go, but  I believe in eating and thoroughly … Continue reading Simply Delicious