Parenting credentials?

It was suggested to me that I let you all know that my husband and I have 5 children since that may give some credence to what I post about parenting from time to time.  I do have to say, that any so-called success others may think we have in our children is not because of us.  My husband and I have more than our share of imperfections in our own selves and when it comes to parenting, my prayer is that Elohim will work in our children in SPITE of us.   I am constantly challenged by my own selfishness as a person/parent and this is one of the first things children imitate.

Before we ever had children, my husband and I took a course on Christian parenting.  We also observed parenting by the world, traditional Christian parenting and considered those around us who were raised in our generation, and then seeing the results, decided to try another way for our children.  Over the years we have watched some beautiful examples and listened to tapes and read books by a variety of authors.  These have been extremely helpful and encouraging.  We realize that we will give account to our Father alone for how we raise our children and we alone are responsible to Him and we take that very seriously.

What are our hopes, dreams, aspirations and goals for our children?

Regarding their character:

  • 1. to live holy, unblameable lives
  • 2. to not love the world or things of the world
  • 3. to deny SELF
  • 4. to be humble servants
  • 5. to be cheerfully obedient
  • 6. to desire to follow hard after the Messiah
  • 7. to hunger for Scripture
  • 8. to be passionate for lost souls and wayward believers
  • 9. to have the ability to discern false doctrine
  • 10. to be meek
  • 11. for prayer to be as natural as breathing and passionate
  • 12. to be able to hear the voice of YHWH
  • 13. to find abiding and deep joy in following the Creator

Regarding their future:

For the boys:

  1. To be men of character and backbone
  2. To marry a godly woman and have children
  3. To provide for their family
  4. To raise up godly children
  5. To love their wives as themselves
  6. To be examples in their community

For the girls:

  1. To be women of character and backbone
  2. To marry a godly man and have children
  3. To raise up godly children
  4. To guard the home
  5. To be ezer kenegdo to their husbands
  6. To serve in their neighborhood

At this point I do not plan to reveal any details about our children, such as photos or names, but I will give them Blog Names and refer to them as such when writing in this blog.  Because of the nature of the internet, I will also not be discussing any negative issues regarding the children or my husband.  I do not believe that is fair to them to have their dirty laundry paraded in front of the world.  But know this, we are not a perfect family.  We have our share of issues.

So, these are our children, not necessarily in order of age.  The name I will call them is italicized.

Oldest son – Musician.  This son has been extremely blessed by His Creator in the area of music.  He is self-taught on the piano, guitar and drums.  He composes beautiful orchestral and other music.  And although he has taken lessons on the viola, he picked it up very quickly and surpassed me within a year.

Oldest daughter  – Artist.  This daughter loves anything artistic, from singing, to playing the violin or the piano, to baking, to drawing and painting.  It is so much fun to see the fruit that is produced.

Other son – Carpenter  This son continually amazes me with his ingenuity.  He can look at something and take what we have on hand and make a working model.  He has made a trebuchet, ski lift with gears, all kinds of vehicles, built sheds, benches, airplanes that fly and more.  Very skilled with his hands.

Youngest son – Biologist.  This son has a real love for living things, especially birds and bugs.  His mind is amazing and he can remember the smallest detail.  Whenever we have a question about science or other facts, we ask him.  He is also the most demonstrative and full of compliments.

Youngest daughter –Little Mama.  This daughter is very good with babies and has been since she was quite young.  She doesn’t know yet of anything else she wants to be except for a mama, but she excels in her schoolwork and does well at anything she tries.  She loves living creatures and flowers and is forever taking pictures of them and bringing me wildflowers.  And the best part is that she still loves to snuggle with her mama.  =)


2 thoughts on “Parenting credentials?

  1. mark says:

    Wow, what a challenging yet important list — I currently have a deep desire to hear the voice of the Lord daily and move where he leads. It is such a blessed adventure to be lead by the Holy Spirit. No list is exhaustive – one I would like to add is find real joy in following Jesus — this I believe will keep their hearts from wandering to far away from the fold.

    • KARE says:

      Yes, that is very good, Mark. Thank you for adding that one! There is such a deep, fulfilling joy from following Jesus. There is nothing like it anywhere else.


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