A Birthday Celebration

Today is Artist’s birthday, so we center the day around her. Here are some of the things we do for birthdays to make them special and memorable.

Something I hope to remember to do is have a birthday interview with the birthday person and then listen to it each year.  Some of the things I would ask about would be:

Happy times this year
Sad times
Fun things that they remember
Special things they received or did

We usually let them choose all three of their meals and the cake for dinner.  Sometimes instead of choosing a homemade lunch they will go out for lunch with myself or my husband.  We have a special place setting and a birthday tablecloth that is used only on that day.  We hang up banners with their name and sometimes have a birthday parade.  This is their day to be celebrated.

Another idea is to always change their sheets so when they go to bed they have fresh Clean sheets to start their new year at their new age.

Here are some inexpensive gift ideas:

Tickets to zoo or movie
A gardening basket filled with small tools, seeds and gardening gloves
Find their name meaning and cross stitch it and frame it
Take lessons together for baking bread, ceramics, or something you both enjoy
Basket of soaps and personal care items
Swim basket with a new towel, goggles, flippers, etc.
Special huge towel with their Monogram
Art supplies
Craft supplies
A pretty container full of gelatin capsules with reasons they are loved and who they are written in each one.


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