Short Cuts For Housecleaning

Here are a few tips I have tried to make the load a little lighter at home…

1. Pull up the covers before getting out of the bed, it’s much easier and makes making the bed a little bit faster

2. Don’t wash clothes after one wearing.  Wait until they have a stain or an odor.  This saves money on laundry, and less ironing time for you.

3. Scrub the shower while you are taking a shower

4. Never go anywhere empty handed.  If you are going to a room, take something with you that needs to be put away in that room.

5. Buy attractive storage dishes, such as corning ware that can be used for cooking.  This way you can serve in the same dish you cooked in and then the leftovers can go in the refrigerator still in the same dish.

6. Let your dishes air dry.  It saves time and it’s healthier.

Do you have a short cut tip that can help all of us save time and money?  Share with us!


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