Challenging Times

I know someone who needs prayer.  This is a real person and I will tell her story in a parable.  I will call her L for the sake of anonymity.

L is married to a man who is a slave to a very demanding slave owner.  This owner sometimes requires many late nights and recently even demanded an overnight shift.  In the past the slave owner has taken so much out of her husband that he comes home and sleeps just to get up and go serve the slave owner again the next day. The owner is continually asking for more of him, no matter how much he gives.  He is never happy with the time he gets.

Her husband sometimes wants to be released from this slave owner, but it is extremely difficult.   This slave owner has so much power over him that L’s husband is often under the slave owners influence even when he is at home.  When he has tried leaving on occasion, he is almost always caught when he goes anywhere near where the slave owner or the slave owners’ friends linger.  Sometimes when he is caught, they will keep him away from home for hours and L doesn’t even know where he is.  She imagines that the slave owner has killed him or that he has taken so much out of her husband that he has passed out somewhere.

The children of L and this slave of course are greatly affected by their father’s slavery.  Not only because of the time demands, but often the slave owner will take their fathers money and force him to spend it on things that interest the slave owner rather than L’s family.  At times their father comes home acting like the slave owner because they have been together so much.  When the slave owner is especially demanding, their father is miserable and unpleasant.  They see the wickedness of the slave owner, but being children, they don’t know what to do about it.  Sometimes they become confused and wonder why there isn’t some way their father can just leave the slave owner and spend more time with them.

This slave owner is very sneaky.  When he is first looking for slaves, he dresses up as an innocent old man and plays on their emotions, so they go with him.  Then suddenly they realize they have been trapped and it’s too late… or at least he tries to make them think so.

Please pray that L will be strengthened by God to fight for her husband.  Please pray that her husband can find the Way to be released from the power of this slave owner.  Please pray that their children will not become bitter about their situation.   Please pray that their children are protected from the slave owner and that he is unable to deceive them.

2 thoughts on “Challenging Times

  1. Renee says:

    Karilee, I think this is a good allegory that speaks to the issue you are seeking to write about, yet can be a stirring example of any kind of sin that dominates people’s lives. Thank you for writing it.

  2. mark says:

    What a heart breaking parable — sin is a most terrible slave owner. I will take time to pray for ‘L’ and her family, this morning.

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