A Call to a Deeper Walk

I have been very encouraged by reading some of the blogs listed on my Kindred Minds page.  It is so beautiful to see these women, some just beginning their married lives or with young children, who love the Father so and listen to His voice.

I love the way He woos us.  Quietly stirring desires in our hearts through His Spirit.  Leading us to places that will draw us closer to Him.  Bringing people into our lives that challenge what we think and how we behave.  I love that.  My constant desire is to be ever changing into more of what He wants me to be so that even one year from now I am very different from who I am right now.  I want to be like Him.

My son, Biologist and I were just having a discussion about missionaries and those who call themselves Christians in our day and it led to more discussion on worldliness and how it has crept into Christianity.  Often it is difficult to distinguish a “Christian ” from those who are “good, moral people” in the world.  In some cases, we aren’t different than those who are not good and moral! Christians don’t look any different, don’t talk any different, go to all the same places, read the same books, watch the same movies, think like the world, spend money on the same meaningless frivolities, spend time in the same empty activities…

Some of the books that really opened my eyes to this are by KP Yohannan.

The Road To Reality: was the first KP Yohannan book I read.  I highlighted so much in that book that there isn’t much left that is not highlighted.

And then Revolution In World Missions is another of his books that really spoke to me.

I’ve included the links so that you can purchase both of these books at Amazon. (I make a tiny commission)

I want to constantly be on the look out for areas in my life where I am worldly and dig them out with a sharp knife, root and all.  I know in order to do this I need to get closer and closer to my Father and let His light shine in all the dark corners and reveal the things that do not show up so easily.  Reading His love letter and His Story and talking to Him about everything is absolutely necessary.  But I also have to have a teachable heart, an open mind and a willingness to deny myself.  A willingness to step out of the box and look at things with new eyes.  I pray that He will give me the strength and the desire to do all of these things.

One thought on “A Call to a Deeper Walk

  1. mark says:

    I so appreciate your love for the Lord. It is an encouragement to me as I seek to press on in finding my complete satisfaction in Jesus Christ. Don’t lose heart my friend in well doing and let the refreshing living water satisfy you at all times.

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