Acceptable Witchcraft?

I was wondering what I was going to write about next and then I ran across this article, which is exactly what I’ve been looking for to confirm what I already knew, I just wasn’t looking for it at this moment. =)

I was reading from a blog that has been taken down, written by a 19-year old young lady who, sadly, had more wisdom and discernment than many who are decades older than her.  (here comes my usual disclaimer that I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with everything she says in her website ~I haven’t even read most of it yet~ but I do really appreciate her heart!)

Anyway, I had found some articles on her website that I know are very controversial, but I feel very passionate about this subject.  I can’t share her pages anymore, but below is one page that wasn’t on her blog.  I think you will get the idea.

The topic is Tolkien, CS Lewis, magic and the like.

Is There Really Such a Thing as a “White Witch”?

The links:

A Former Witch looks at Lord of the Rings

Please, I am pleading with you, read all of this!  It will take some time, but please prayerfully do this.  Please do not be offended or defensive.  I am sharing this in a spirit of love and concern (and maybe with those who read this blog it isn’t even an issue.  If that is the case, please pass it on )… but if it is an issue for you, PLEASE do not dismiss it lightly.  I believe this is VERY SERIOUS and I agree with these ideas about Tolkien, CS Lewis, Star Wars, witchcraft, and magic.

This will be required reading for all of my children tomorrow so that they are informed and armed.  Of course, I will filter it for the younger ones…

I am open to discuss any of this in a gentle, loving  manner as long as everyone is willing to be open-minded and use Scripture to support what they say.  =)


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