Old Fashioned Fun

My daughters and I recently decided to venture out into new territory.  We were inspired by someone we know who was sealing a hand-written letter.  I also think the importance of this style of communication has been lost and I would like to restore it in our family.

So, my sweet little girls used their birthday money and I found a few dollars and we each ordered our initial and some wax.  I also ordered the heart you see below.  Yesterday after they arrived, we sat down and wrote out our hand-written letters.  When we were finished expressing our thoughts on paper, we melted the special wax with a flame, sealed each of the envelopes and then stamped them with our seals.

For those of you who are interested in rekindling this beautiful personalized practice, I found several places to purchase these items online. At most of these places, you can purchase the wax and wax seals separately or in a kit together.

If you decide to purchase the wax seals separately, you can purchase a handle with different letters and symbols that are interchangeable, or a one-piece seal.  Stuart Houghton seems to be a very big name and has been around a long time making this type of item.  They can be purchased at this website from the UK for less than anywhere else online that I saw, even with shipping.  Or you can buy other brands for slightly less. We ordered ours from LetterSeals.com, but I also found a great selection at Nostalgic Impressions, and Amazon has a nice-looking set here.

Then there is the sealing wax. You can buy inexpensive wax that is heated by glue-guns.  This wax is more flexible and easily goes through the mail.  One of my daughters ordered this type.  The most traditional waxes are more brittle and higher quality, making them cost twice as much.  There are also several types in the middle.  Each type is explained at Letter Seals, where we purchased ours.  I liked the variety that they offered. The one I purchased was made by Waterston.  I ordered in my signature color, red sparkle. =)

However … my favorite item was the signet rings. I looked at two websites that make these.  Dexter is quite a bit more pricey than deSignet, and if you look, you can probably find them for even less than either of these places, but I am of the opinion that you get what you pay for =)  I really like the wide choice of ring selection at DeSignet.  That, coupled with the fact that they don’t charge quite as much, makes them a better choice in my opinion.  I am making a wish list there…

These would make a wonderful family heirloom for a man.  A father could write beautiful letters to his wife and daughters and seal them with his ring.  For that matter, he could write letters to his son encouraging him in the ways of a godly man, as well.  Then when his son reached a certain age, or got married, he could inherit the special Family Signet Ring.

For myself, I am thinking a very personal custom ring with my initials, my trademark (a heart), my life slogan and symbols relating to my beliefs.  I was thrilled to discover just such a symbol at this website. Not only is this a wonderful symbol, but it really solidifies many of the things Yeshua has been teaching me in the last weeks!

I really like the idea of sending meaningful letters to uplift my family and my sisters around the world, like you all,  and then sealing them with this ring.

What are your thoughts? Have any of you ever used wax and seals?  What do you think of the idea?

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