Heart of Wisdom

It’s been a busy week.  On Monday at 10:30 pm my parents returned from visiting my brother for 4 months in Africa.  We spent the next day with them and also spent time with some of our dear friends.  Then on Wednesday we visited with another dear friend and her family.  Thursday was our first day completely at home, and that brings us to today.

Needless to say, I have not had a lot of time to post on the blog, but in-between times, I have been immersing myself in Scripture and teachings from books and websites… and seeking the Truth.

My son, Carpenter,  and I were having a discussion about this today.  I told him that we need to be like the Bereans in Acts 17.  After they heard Paul’s teaching, they went home and searched the Scriptures to see if these things were so.  They were comparing Paul’s teachings to the Tanuch, or the Old Testament to see if they agreed with each other.  These would have been the only Scriptures they had during that time.  The Bereans are commended highly for this.  Shouldn’t we also read the New Testament in light of the Old? They must not contradict each other.  I also told my son that I do not want him to listen to “me” but to search, for himself, and ask God to reveal Truth to him, otherwise it is not “his”.  I reminded him that when he leaves our home he will not have me to lean on and he must begin now and base his beliefs on Scripture, not my words or any mans words

On a different note, I have been thoroughly enjoying our morning times with the new homeschool method using “Heart of Wisdom”.  We started at the very beginning (a very good place to start =>), in Genesis and have been following the suggested readings from The Narrated Bible.  We read each time from 3 different versions and take turns being the reader.  This method of teaching is based on the way the Hebrews taught their children.  Here are the subjects that we cover during this daily scripture reading time:

1. Reading

2. History – we are making a timeline from the stories and they also have activity sheets and sometimes coloring for those who choose to

3. Vocabulary and Spelling (I have them write down the words they don’t know from the day’s reading and then look them up afterward and write the definitions in a notebook – dictionary skills used as well)

4. Geography (we made a map of the area and each day after the reading we look up the places that are mentioned on the map)

In addition to these things, they work on math, they do copywork and then for science they choose from any of the following:

  • sketching from nature
  • researching their subject online and writing a page or giving an oral report
  • researching using the books and encyclopedias we have and writing a page or giving an oral report
  • drawing an illustration and labeling it
  • watching a video about their subject

So, everything is intertwined and they are learning so much from Scripture.  One of our Sabbath activities is to watch a movie related to what we are studying in Genesis for that week.  Tomorrow it will be “Jacob”.  I don’t know who is enjoying it more… the children, or me.  It is so much fun to watch the movie and remember what we read about it, to see the Scripture come to life in front of our eyes.

I am greatly anticipating the days, months and years ahead as our knowledge of Scripture becomes even more a part of us and we grow to know Elohim more and more.


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