Thoughtful Thursday – Sending Cards

Sending cards and letters seems to be somewhat of a lost art these days.  Email is so convenient and it doesn’t cost anything.  But it just isn’t the same as a card.  There is something special, something personal and touching about receiving a real card or letter in the mail.  Don’t you think?

My daughters and I have made cards using stamps and stickers and special scissors.  I’ve seen cards made this way that are absolutely breathtaking.  Mine are not that amazing, but it is something wonderful that I can do together with my sweet girls and we can show our appreciation for another person.  We take old cards and cut out pictures and words to re-use.  Then we combine them with our stickers, stamps and backgrounds to match.  It takes some time, but that also shows the one who receives the card that we put some thought into it and took some extra time for them.

The last time we did this we even added our creative touch of a wax seal.  You can see pictures here.

Sample of a SOC Card

Sample of an SOC Card

Another idea which is a little bit easier, and less time consuming, yet still personal, is using an online card system.  There are several of these available and I just today looked at a new one, but the one I like best that has the best prices is Send Out Cards. They have all different membership prices, starting at $5 and going up to $400 (if you want to start a business).  The higher priced membership gives you cards for as low as 66¢ each.  I am a member, so if you are interested, I can set you up with your own account for $25, which includes your first 10 cards AND postage is included.  Here is how it works:

  • First you log in to your SOC account and choose from thousands of cards that are in the system.  This saves you lots of time, since you don’t have to drive to a card store and browse through the aisles of cards.
  • Next, choose your font and type your message into the card.  (If you choose a higher priced membership you can even have your handwriting made into one of the fonts and type in your own handwriting).
  • Finally, you can upload pictures into the card, making it very personal.
  • You can even add a gift such as a book, candle, food or more.  Of course that costs extra =)
  • With the more expensive accounts you can upload your entire address book
  • SOC sends you a reminder (a week ahead of time) for every birthday you upload or enter into the system, so you never have to forget another one!  Your friends and family will wonder how you became so efficient!
  • NOTE:  these are NOT e-cards, they are real, high quality, paper cards

It’s really hard to do justice to this great concept with a written description, so if you are interested, I can let you send a free card from my account and see how much fun it is! =)  With the $5 membership, the cards cost only $2 each including postage and then you simply refill the account when you use up your first 10 cards, like you would a phone card.  Very convenient, very simple to do, and the cards are beautiful, just like the ones at Hallmark.

The best part is, you never have to touch the card.  Simply hit the submit button and it is printed, stuffed in an envelope and mailed for you to the person of your choice.

This is great for missionaries since they can mail cards to anyone in the US from their country and the postage is all US prices.

Oh, and I almost forgot the last two things.

1. You can send these cards out to a list with a touch of a button.  Upload the list, write the card and hit submit and it is mailed to your entire list.  Great for wedding invitations, Holidays (Holy Days), etc…  Imagine sending one card to your list of 75 in about 15 minutes =)

2. You can also schedule your cards as far ahead as you want to.  If you go in on the first of the month, write all of the birthday cards and schedule them to go out a week before, then you don’t have to worry about them until the next month.  Or if you are really ambitious… write them for the whole year =)


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