Teaching Tuesday – The Passion of the Messiah

Today was our first day back to school after a week off in honor of our Savior and His Passover Feast.

We read out of the Complete Jewish Bible from Genesis 45 regarding the reuniting of Joseph and his father, then proceeded to our vocabulary words from the reading, wrote GOSHEN on our map (where Joseph’s family moved to in Egypt), and added some more events to the time lines.  Then I laid several books out on the table regarding creation versus evolution, astronomy, volcanoes, the earth’s crust and Egypt.  I told them to each pick one or two of the books and read about that for today.  As they were reading, I was in the kitchen and they would shout out what they were learning.  Ah, that is so fulfilling.  I did not ask them to do that, but they were so excited about what they were learning that they wanted to tell me about it. =)  Following this they did math and spelling.

We ended today by watching the Passion movie.  I am so humbled and amazed at Yeshua’s love for me.  That the mighty Elohim would endure the many stripes, go to the cross and most of all that He would take my sin upon Himself, is incomprehensible.  Mel Gibson did an amazing job of showing just how much Yeshua went through for us.  Scripture says he was beaten so badly that he was not recognizable as a man.

Each time I watch this movie (which is only once a year around this time) I walk away from it feeling all wrung out.  I am first moved to tears as I watch my beloved Master at the scourging and in such pain.  If you have seen the movie, you know that from that time on, the torment, the torture and the mocking never ceases until He breathes His dying breath.

My favorite part of the movie is bittersweet.  It is when He falls down on the Via Dolorosa and Mary runs to Him.  I feel her mother’s heart as she reaches out to Him and then He looks at her with such love and compassion and says “I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW”   Such love!  The reason for His suffering: to make all things new.  Hallelu YAH ~ what a Savior!

Mel expounds on so many lives that are touched in these last few hours of Yeshua’s life, but especially three.  First of all, Malchus, an officer of the high priest, whose ear is cut off by Peter’s sword.  When our Savior heals him, you can see that he will never be the same again.  Simon of Cyrene, who at first is a curious bystander, then is solicited to help Him carry His cross and by the end it is obvious that he also will never be the same again.  Finally, when the sword is thrust in our Savior’s side and blood mixed with water sprays out ~ the centurion falls to his knees, realizing this was indeed the Son of Elohim.  All three of these men had probably never met our Messiah during the time of His ministry on earth, but in those moments when they connected with Him, they were deeply impacted and probably forever changed.  We don’t know if this is truly how it happened, but it certainly seems plausible enough based on those we know were touched throughout the previous three years of Yeshua’s life.


And then there are the lives of those who knew and loved Him. Mary Magdalene, of whom much was forgiven.  Peter, who looks in the piercing eyes of the One He has just denied three times.  Mary, blessed among women, who must watch her perfect Son become a sacrifice for sin.  John, the disciple whom Yeshua loved, faithfully staying to the end.  And even Judas, who betrayed His Rabbi with a kiss for 30 pieces of silver and then too late realized what he had done.

What a privilege it is to serve a Savior who loves us so much.  To remember Him in the Passover, as He commanded.  To know that He now LIVES and serves as our High Priest.  Thank you, YHWH!


One thought on “Teaching Tuesday – The Passion of the Messiah

  1. Emily says:

    The clip you chose to post, as a mother, is one that always brings me to sobbing.
    I too am so grateful to be able to serve Him freely!!! A privilege we in this country take all too lightly anymore.

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