Festive Friday – Preparation Day

Today is the Preparation Day for the Sabbath.  I guess we could call it cleaning day, but that just doesn’t sound as nice. =)  Scripture speaks of this day in the gospels.  It is the day when Yeshua was tried, scourged and crucified. (although that particular Preparation Day may have been on another day of the week since it was before a High Sabbath during the Feast of Unleavened Bread) This is the reason they broke the legs of the other two men who were crucified.  They needed them to die so they could take them down before the Sabbath began that evening.  When they got to Yeshua, He was already dead, so they didn’t need to break His legs.  Thus fulfilling the prophecy that none of His bones would be broken.  Instead they thrust a spear into His side, fulfilling another Scripture.

My mom says, and her mom used to say, that every house needs company once a week in order to stay clean.  True, but a home that keeps the Sabbath has an extra way to stay clean.  And it can be such a joy preparing for the Sabbath!

So, how is cleaning and preparing festive?  Anything can be festive if you let it. =)  And I think anything that is a tradition is festive, especially if it has meaning.

On a completely different subject…  I have to apologize for any movies that I have posted or suggested on this blog.  It has just come to my attention that watching copyrighted movies on YouTube is illegal.  I looked it up myself and it definitely is.  So, I will go through my old posts and take any down (I don’t think I have posted any, but just to be sure) and I recommend renting from your local library or through Netflix for the cheapest options.  We were in the middle of watching one, so we will have to wait and rent it to see the rest.  I imagine it is the same for tv shows.  We have been watching “Sue Thomas FBeye” every Tuesday on YouTube, and will probably need to stop watching those as well in order to be above reproach.

Here is the article I read   Illegal YOUtube movies

I hope that you all have a beautiful weekend and rejoice in His Salvation!


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