Monday Musings

We watched a very touching movie on Sunday about a dog named Hachi.  Hachi is an Akita, which is a noble Japanese breed.

About 20 years ago I owned a dog that was half Akita and she was very much like the dog in this movie.  You could just sense her intelligence and she was very loyal to me.  She was dubbed “Cara, the car dog” because she went everywhere with me (I was single at the time) ~ even going across the country with me a couple of times when I drove to visit family.

The movie is called Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, and it’s based on a true story.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great family movie.  But the reason I wanted to write today, is to share with you a couple of quotes during the Special Features on the DVD.

Both of these quotes were referring to the director of the movie, but when I heard them, I instantly thought of the Creator Elohim and how well they described His work in our lives.

The first one is by Richard Gere

” He’s in total control of what’s going on.  We don’t know quite what he’s doing or how he’s doing it.  But it’s a very subtle thing he has… with all of…us.  There’s a sense of enormous freedom that we’re all given.  At the same time we’re doing what he wants us to do.  But we found it ouselves.”

The second quote is by Jason Alexander

“It’s a sort of non-direction direction.  You’re just sort of… doing things and all of a sudden you find that you’re a part of this image in his head…”

So even though I must give credit for these quotes toward the director, if you will read them and imagine that I am saying them about our Father ~ do you see how well they describe the way He works?  Not all the time, of course, but in many cases.

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