Tuesday Teaching – Pharaoh

We are now in Exodus and reading about Moses and the Pharaoh of Egypt.  One of the verses that jumped out at me today was when Adonai said that He had raised Pharaoh up just for the purpose of showing His own power and declaring His name in all the earth.

We may never know (while we are on this earth) the reasons behind what is happening, but we do know that our Mighty Elohim is able to raise up whom He wishes to places of authority.  We can rest in that.  Nothing catches Him by surprise.  He doesn’t wake up from His nap and look down on the earth and say “Oops, how did that happen?  I must have fallen asleep”  He is aware of and ultimately in control of every last detail.  Because of this, the righteous can lie down and sleep in peace.

Psalm 4:8
I will lie down and sleep in peace; for, ADONAI,
You alone make me live securely.

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