Teaching Tuesday – Mt Sinai

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Today in our learning session, we read about when the Creator gave the law to Moses and the people of Israel.  As I read through the many laws, I thought how practical many of them are and how seriously the One who gave them to us takes them.  It also made me very thankful that we are no longer under the law (under the penalty of the law), since we have a Redeemer who has now paid the penalty for us.  We no longer have to kill someone who breaks one of Elohim’s laws.

Needless to say, this sparked some interesting conversations around the table.

This photo is public domain

I found it interesting that it took the Israelites 44 days to walk 750 KM (about 466 miles) from Goshem to Mt Sinai, which is only 10-11 miles per day.  That is about how far it would be to walk from the Idaho/Canada border to the Idaho/Utah/Nevada border.  I found this website, where they have done a lot of research and have some very logical conclusions.  In fact, it was a lot of fun reading through their many charts and maps.  I did see some comments regarding baptism that sounded questionable, so I am simply recommending the information that pertains to the journey of the Israelites and nothing else on the site.  I don’t know their doctrines or beliefs, so cannot recommend them.

I have to tell you:  I am thoroughly enjoying this method of teaching and so very sorry that I did not stick with this when I started something similar about 10 years ago.  It is very interesting and even though I have read these passages before I am learning so much!   I think it is because when you teach something, you learn better than when you are being taught.  It’s so much fun to look up and see the eager faces when we get to an exciting part.  I am challenged each day to read with great expression to help make the story come alive for them.  And then including the vocabulary from their reading, mapping out the locations from each day for Geography and doing a timeline for history…  sometimes we even study something in Elohim’s creation from what we have been reading… ancient cities, creation, etc.  It is such an enjoyable way to teach!

One thought on “Teaching Tuesday – Mt Sinai

  1. Emily says:

    I really like that picture of the Mt.
    And agree with your points, not only am I most appreciative for not having to take the life of one who is not following YHVH I am also relieved in the fact that I probably would have spent most of my life at the Temple making sin sacrifices.
    And also agree that learning together as a family works so wonderfully and is more fun for everyone too.

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