Sunday Stories – Robert Sheffey

Our family watched this movie in our home this evening.  I bought it years ago through Bob Jones University.  It’s a true story, based on the life of Robert Sheffey, an itinerant preacher in the 19th century. This one is definitely worth purchasing for your collection. The only place I can find it for sale is here, but it may be available through Bob Jones.

It is a very moving story and you can see the hand of our Father throughout this man’s life.  Here are some quotes to whet your appetite.


You see the new attitudes creeping in among your leaders.

It’s so hard to understand. They pick the Bible and criticize everything I believe.  They do it so smoothly… I don’t know what to think…

(conversation here that I skipped)

But on the other hand there are so many good men who still believe everything I believe…

There are a good many, but they seem to have less and less influence.  It’s always the liberal attitudes that are attractive.

You think I must make a choice.

It will not be an easy choice.

What about you?

My choice is easy, or rather, it’s already made. Years ago, when I was denied a preaching license, it was a great sorrow to me.  But I determined to follow the leading of the Lord anyway. In these latter years I have come more and more to rejoice that I am not obligated.  I do not have to choose between my loyalty to some organization and the Word of God.

When you put it like that, it’s not really much of a choice

It doesn’t seem so to me.

More a matter of courage…


Every time we give up a part of our faith to try to fit into the ways of the world, we lose it forever. We lose a precious part of God’s promise, sacrificed to the world – and the world will never give it back.

And someday when the world tells us we can no longer have our religion, except where they say, and God is driven from our schools and our government and our homes, then God’s people can look back and know that our religion was not taken from us.  It was given up, handed over, bit by bit until there was nothing left.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Stories – Robert Sheffey

  1. Emily says:

    We LOVE brother Sheffy! Estan use to watch this movie over and over again (back in the day, when we had a tv :)). Needless to say the above statements are planted in ours hearts.
    And we watch together as the times continue to progress towards a world dependent upon everything but YHVH.

  2. mct88 says:

    A little funny story: My friend who never was exposed to BJ press stuff thought Sheffy was a dog. We let her watch the movie.

    • Tom says:

      Funny thing is he is a dog. I fell in love withe character Sheffey as a child and now I have named my Border Collie “Sheffey”.

      • Kare says:

        Yes, he was quite an interesting man. Did you name your dog after seeing its personality or just because you liked Sheffy? Does he live up to his name?

  3. drbrop says:

    It might interest you to know that here in Giles County, Virginia, where Sheffey was laid to rest, in a sleepy little community called Trigg, there is an annual “Sheffey Memorial Campmeeting” run by an independent board of directors. The meeting is every year on the Friday following July 4 through the following Friday.

  4. TitaB says:

    I have seen the movie several times. I learned to REALLY PRAY the first time I watched it.. I thank the Sweet Lord for allowing me to learn from Bro. Sheffey.

  5. Jonathan Jenson says:

    Watched it for the first time tonight, at our church, a Friday night fellowship. Amazing and heartwarming, a well done movie that I will long remember.

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