Monday Musings – A Taste of Heaven

The past several months I have spent much time studying the Scriptures first and then reading history and man’s opinions to see if they match up to what Scripture says.  I have thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in Scripture and it has only served to solidify what I have come to believe is Truth regarding our Creator’s will for us as His people.

There are some basic questions I had to ask myself and the answers, along with my study, made everything very clear to me. Here are some of the questions.

  • Does Scripture ever say to stop keeping Sabbath?
  • Does it show them regularly keeping the Sabbath after the Resurrection?
  • Is Sabbath ever changed to the first day of the week in Scripture?
  • Who was persecuted in the early church?
  • Who is the remnant?
  • Who takes credit for changing Sabbath to Sunday according to tradition and not Scripture? The Catholic Church
  • How many times does Scripture clearly mention those in Acts meeting on the first day of the week?
  • Why were they meeting on that day?
  • Does it anywhere in Scripture say to continue doing this?
  • How many times in Scripture is the first day of the week called The Lord’s Day?
  • How many times is the term “The Lord’s Day” even mentioned?
  • Why didn’t Paul correct the Gentiles about meeting on Sabbath when they came and asked him to speak to them on the next Sabbath?
  • Does Scripture show Paul keeping the law?
  • Does Yeshua teach to keep the law?
  • Does it show Yeshua keeping the law?
  • Does it show Him teaching against the Pharisee’s traditions?
  • Does Scripture ever show Yeshua or any disciple or author of the NT eating unclean meat?
  • If Yeshua taught it was ok to eat unclean meat, why did Peter argue with YHWH about it 10 years later?
  • Does Peter ever say it is ok to eat unclean meat?
  • Is Paul a weaker brother since he continued to keep the Sabbath and not eat unclean food?
  • Why didn’t Luke, a Gentile, and the author of Acts (since he wrote it after it happened) correct us by saying that Paul and the sect of the Nazarenes met on Sabbath and kept the law, but they were mistaken because we don’t have to obey the law anymore?
  • Why isn’t there mention of a huge meeting of the Apostles about Sabbath and the diet being changed, as it would have surely caused a stir?
  • What is a Nazarene? Yeshua, Paul and the early believers were called Nazarenes in Scripture. Three different founding fathers from the 4th century said about the Nazarenes, “…they believe that Christ, the son of God, was born of the Virgin Mary, and they hold Him to be the One who suffered under Pontius Pilate and ascended to heaven, and in Whom we also believe… characterized essentially by their tenacious attachment to Jewish observances, practice the customs and doctrines prescribed by Jewish Law; except that they believe in Christ… They believe in the resurrection of the dead, and that the universe was created by God,they fulfill until now [such] Jewish rites as the circumcision, Sabbath, and others.”
  • Why were there Nazarenes and Sabbath keepers until many, many centuries after the Gospels were written, and even to today ?
  • Are Sabbath and the Feasts a picture of something else?
  • Does that mean we don’t keep them?
  • What about baptism and communion?  Aren’t they also a picture of something else?
  • Are we saved by keeping the law?
  • What does Paul say about the law?
  • How can he say all those things without contradicting himself?
  • In the prophecies of Isaiah 66 and Revelation 18 why is there mention of unclean animals, Sabbath, New Moons,  and the abomination of eating swine?
  • Could obeying the law ever be sin if it is not misused or kept for justification?
  • Could not obeying the law ever be sin?
  • What if the Nazarenes are right?

I also want to share a couple of quotes that I recently found that say very beautifully the way I feel:

Torah (The LAW) is the epitome of  our Father’s Love... He has revealed Himself to His people and in this, He has revealed what is pleasing to Him and what is sin in His eyes. Yeshua, far from negating the Torah (Mt. 5:17-19), declares in Mt. 22:40 that the Law is His definition of love: ‘On these two Commandments’ (love YHWH and love your neighbor), ‘hang the whole Law and the Prophets.’ Every law, every Commandment, every statute, has its ‘reason for being’ in showing us how to love YHWH, or how to love each other. Every one of them. With the coming of Messiah would that change? The only thing that changed was us. We died to self (Rom. 6), that we might live in Messiah and walk as He walked (1st John 3:1-5). Now, with His Spirit residing within, we can follow Him. We can be like Him…Would it matter if one was born a Gentile? Since when does race determine what is sin or not? The Creator determines what is sin, for Jew and Gentile… Avram Y

Think of the Sabbath as a special date with our Savior… ‘This day is for us, we will spend it together.’ Now, if someone you don’t care for asks you to take time off and spend the day with them, you may very likely grumble and try to weasel your way out of it. Why? Because you do not delight in that person… in the same way, those who love God, look forward to the Sabbath with joy, knowing all their…duties will be set aside, and a whole day will be spent “delighting in the Lord”. However, the one who is not in love with the Lord and seeking to delight in Him, will see it only as a day of…deprivations.”…Ulrike

I do not consider the Sabbath a CHORE or a means of Salvation, but instead, a special day, His Day, that I can set aside each week to devote fully to my precious Messiah, the Lord of the Sabbath. It is A Taste of Heaven!

Photo from Heaven

Think about it… in heaven we will set aside our own desires and praise Him and delight in Him for all eternity.  It’s all about  HIM and this weekly day is a perfect picture of that!  Years ago, there was a group of ladies I met with, who would set aside a half-day of prayer every 6 months or so.  For me, it was such a precious time alone with my Savior.  I find the Sabbath Day to be very much like that was.  I hope that you can find this beauty too!

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