Midweek Minute – Hail Hitting

We came home from the Farmer’s Market today to find that over the course of the afternoon two hailstorms had come through our property and all but devastated our gardens.  The hail from one of the storms was the size of ice cubes and I heard that in the town

less than 40 miles away it was as large as baseballs.

In addition to splitting the leaves on our apple tree

and the lilac bush,

the spinach and lettuce are in terrible shape

and the tomatoes lost some of their branches.

I didn’t take the time to inspect every last plant, but it is sad indeed.  I will try to take some photos tomorrow to put on the blog.

The hail also broke a hole in our kitchen skylight and that of our neighbor.  It was quite a storm.  One unlike any we have had in the past 10 years.

I do love a good storm, and I realize that our Father controls the weather, so I dare not complain.  This has not escaped His notice and I’m sure He will bring good out of this situation.  No doubt, we are blessed because there are grocery stores nearby and we have an income.  If it were 100 years ago, the damage done to a garden in this manner would be much more far-reaching, so there is definitely that to be thankful for!

Even after coming home this evening one storm after another has rolled in, bringing rain, thunder and lightening with it.  According to the forecast, it is to be this way until the Sabbath arrives.

At the time I am writing this post, we are watching “Pride and Prejudice”.  A very silly movie, to be sure.  It has brought about some good conversation with my children regarding how NOT to be in regards to marriage and seeking to be married.  Also not to judge someone either because they are rich or because they are poor and certainly not until you know all the facts.

I do know one thing for certain.  I have a new piano forte to learn. 🙂


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