Helpful Software =)

If you are like me and you tend to be a paper brain, this FREE software program may just be what you need! Check it out! It’s available for Mac, PC, phones and online…  I’ve been using it now for a few days and it is FANTASTIC!  I can enter info using my iPhone, my computer, while I am searching the internet, by speaking, by take a picture, so many options!  Here is an example of what I did.

I was at the Farmers Market yesterday presenting a different community I built for local business owners and one lady asked me if I still sold soap.  The conversation ended with me agreeing to bring her some soap next week to the market.  So, I took a photo of her with my camera and entered it in Evernote with tags using her name and the word soap.   I then spoke an evernote reminder into my phone and it sent me an email reminding me to call her. Now I have an email, a picture in evernote and Ishould have a popup on my calender when the day comes as well…

This is also great for browsing the internet.  Yesterday I used evernote to take a photo of this web page and then I downloaded another free software called Skitch, which allowed me to take a photo of my desktop and then circle the items inside the photo.  I did this earlier today for something I wanted to share with my husband.  I took a photo of my notes and circled the highlights.

Visit the Evernote website for more ideas of how to use Evernote.


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