Shoes – What to Wear?

I’m not really a big shoe person.  I don’t have hundreds of pair in my closet.  I used to go to WalMart-type stores and just find the cheapest shoes I could and then wear them until they wore out.  Then I had a realization that my entire body depends on my shoes.  My posture is affected by them.  I had a compound fracture to my ankle in 1989 and the type of shoe I wear affects my bad ankle.  I also have neck issues and the shoes I wear definitely affects my neck…  so I decided that I would invest in a few good pair.

My favorite summer shoes are my Naot sandals.  The picture below looks exactly like the ones I have.  I bought them 7 years ago and other than the leather being stretched a little bit, they look wonderful!  I have had to have one $10 repair in 7 years.  The best part is, they are sooo comfortable!

When I decided to go shoe shopping back in 2003 I knew I would have to spend some money if I wanted a quality shoe.  I went to a store that sold this type of shoe and compared quite a few brands.  When I heard about the Naot, I was intrigued.  These shoes are made in Israel.  So if Israel is the oldest nation and they have been wearing shoes the longest, wouldn’t they know how to make good, comfortable shoes?  The Naot conforms to your foot as you wear it.  I tried it on, purchased it, and 7 years later, they are still the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own.

Over the past 7 years I have also purchased a pair of Naot boots, which zip up the sides, and a couple of other brands, which are not quite as comfortable, but almost!  I have never regretted the money I invested in my feet. =)

NAOT sandals

One thought on “Shoes – What to Wear?

  1. Robin Sampson says:

    I have to share my shoe story. I really flat footed.

    In the spring I worked for my daughter at a homeschool convention about 10 hours walking on concrete with crocs. . From that I developed bad heel spurs and limped everywhere. It got so bad I I had to drive a cart in th4e grocery store. Then my body was aching all over I thought i was getting some horrible arthritis– it was BAD. I bought some orthopedic flip flops on Amazon for $55.00 (I wanted something I cold wear around the house) One week later no more limping, no more achy joints and bones. Amazing. If I don’t wear orthopedic support for a few hours I go back to pain. Amazing difference a shoe can make.

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