Thoughtful Thursday – Convenient Cards

Do you ever forget a birthday or special event?  I recently forgot the birthday of a special friend… and the worst part is, I could have very easily prevented it!

I’ve been using this amazing card service for several years now.  They send me a reminder a week or two ahead of time.  I can upload all of my contacts and include their birthday and/or anniversary.  I can even write the cards and then schedule them to go out at a certain time.  But my special friend wasn’t in the system, and I forgot…

The best part about this system (besides the convenience of never having to go card shopping again and still having thousands of cards at my fingertips) is the price.  For a non-member, it’s only $2.99 to send a card.  (Keep in mind, this is a REAL, paper greeting card…NOT an e-card! ) You type in what you want to say at the website and they print it and send it for you.  All for only $2.99.  As a member, I can also send the same card to hundreds of people at the same time (holiday wishes, birth announcement, etc) and I can customize it with my photos and my handwriting.  PLUS, member prices are as low as 75¢ per card including postage.  If I want to, I can even include a gift of chocolate, a magazine subscription, a gift card to Starbucks and much more… for additional cost, of course!

You can send a card using my account for only $2.99 and see how easy it is.  Send it to yourself and see the high quality of the card and how fast it arrives.  Or send it to your sweetheart and earn some brownie points! =)

Here is my link:  Convenient Card Shop

Have a home business?  Watch this short video to see how Convenient Card Shop can grow your business!


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