Midweek Minute – Gratefulness

I’ve been trying to impress upon my children the need to have gratefulness continually.  The 1828 Websters Dictionary defines grateful as:


GRA’TEFUL, a. [from L. gratus. See Grace.]

1. Having a due sense of benefits; kindly disposed towards one from whom a favor has been received; willing to acknowledge and repay benefits; as a grateful heart.
2. Agreeable; pleasing; acceptable; gratifying; as a grateful present; a grateful offering.
3. Pleasing to the taste; delicious; affording pleasure; as food or drink grateful offering.
I find it interesting that the root word is grace.  I’ll have to do a study on that. =)
So it seems that gratefulness is a 4-step process.
  1. realizing that benefits were received
  2. being kindly disposed toward the one who gave the benefits
  3. acknowledging that the benefits were received
  4. being willing to somehow repay the one who gave the benefits
Here are some ways we can repay:
  • being pleasant
  • being thankful with words to the person who gave and others, with written words
  • expressing appreciation
  • obedience
  • a good attitude
Here are some things we can always be grateful to our Father for:
  • good health
  • clothing, food and shelter
  • family
  • the “religious” freedom that we still have
  • our senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing
One thing I wanted to write about today was a blessing we received over the weekend.  Last Saturday we volunteered at our local soup kitchen as a family.  Since they had an excess of fresh produce and bread, they shared with us.  Not only were we able to give away a large box and ½ of green beans, 3 cases of fresh spinach and 2 cases of melons and even more, but we also came home with a case of melons, a case of green beans, some ciabatta bread from a local bakery, organic spinach and a pineapple.  I’ve been pureeing the melons in my Vitamix and freezing them for future use!
I am very grateful for this blessing!

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