Monday Musings – History of True Christianity

What follows is a very general history of true Christianity since our Messiah came.  Not many dates are included, but the order of events should be correct.  Feel free to correct me if you see my order is incorrect.

The 1st century Church never thought of herself as separate and excluded from Judaism or replacing Judaism, but as a reform within Judaism.  A sect, like the Sadducees and Pharisees.

Yeshua, our Messiah, was a Jewish teacher of Torah.  He corrected the Jewish errant teachings but did not instate a new religion or cancel the Torah.  Quite the opposite, He affirmed it and clarified proper observance of the Torah.  He made it even MORE difficult by expounding on the heart of the law (you have heard, but I say…)

After the ascension, many non-Jews began to enter the faith and joined the Jews.  They knew they were grafted-in and made citizens of the commonwealth.  Their faith was of Israel, in the Messiah of Israel and they practiced the “religion” of Israel.  The Jewish leaders didn’t like accepting Jews who didn’t have a “formal conversion”, and they taught that following the Torah was necessary for Salvation.  Paul argued against these things, but when he died the separation between the Jews and the Nazarenes began in earnest:

67AD Destruction of Jerusalem

Jewish war

Emperor Vespasian instated heaving taxing of Jewish households (and those who worshiped after Jewish manner)

Believers were expelled from the synagogues

So now those who did not have a “formal conversion” to Judaism had nowhere to worship.  They were not accepted by Jews or Gentile pagans.

Still they kept the Torah.

Domtian began persecuting these believers because of their Jewish association.  John was exiled to Patmos during this time.

The 2nd century- Church fathers decided they had replaced the Israel of God and taught that the Jews were now cursed

Jewish revolt

Jerusalem was again destroyed

Emporer Hadrian makes Sabbath and practicing Judaism illegal.

But there continued to be Sabbath keepers

Ignatius refutes the Nazarenes

Epistle of Barnabas is supposedly written, although it has been shown that this document was actually written later and then made to appear as an earlier document.  It is extremely anti-semitic, saying the Jews are wretched, deluded by an evil angel (the God of the OT) and abandoned by Him

Still there continue to be Sabbath keepers

Justin Martyr  says the Torah was given to Jews as a punishment for their wickedness and because God hated them

144AD – Marcion  says Jesus defeated the evil god of the Jews and the OT needed to be expelled.  He made an edited NT to be non-Jewish

The Passover is replaced with the Roman pagan festival of Easter, and their pagan symbols of the egg and rabbit.

Sabbath is replaced with the venerable day of the Sun

325 – Constantine says let’s have nothing to do with the detestable Jews

They still had to make laws because Christians were still keeping the Feasts and  the Sabbath

4th Century – Chrysostom preached against Jews and Judaizers (his definition is those who behave as Jews, which is not the Biblical definition)

Violence began toward Jews by the Christians, including murder in the name of Christ

The Dark Ages

Scripture is only for clergy until 500 years ago

1517 Luther argued with the Catholic Church (which had by this time made itself appear to be the only valid church) against charging for forgiveness

Gutenburg printed the Bible so the common man could have a copy for the first time in hundreds of years

Slowly as people saw what Scripture says, they began refuting the Catholic Church

But…any attempt at church reformation, any attempt to return to the original NT church falls short as long as it refuses to acknowledge the essential Jewishness of our faith.

Why did we retain the Roman calendar and theologies?  Why do we still call Sunday the Sabbath and eat ham on Easter instead of unleavened bread on Passover?

1538 the Protestant Anabaptists read Scripture and began returning to their Jewish roots

Then Paul Fagius did the same, then more began following…

Luther became angry and spoke hatred against the Jews and the Judaizers.  He said horrible things which I will not include here.

Wherever the Bible was read without theological manipulation, believers were returning to the Torah

1938 Seven year tribulation for the Jews -Hitler used Luther’s writings to justify his actions

Because of this, Christians saw how far they had gone and anti-Semitism slowly began to improve among Christians

1946 Dead Sea Scrolls discovered

1947 Jews returned to Israel, their homeland

These last 70 years have brought about the Modern Hebrew Roots Movement.

**some of this information is from the book “Restoration” by  D Thomas Lancaster


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings – History of True Christianity

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  2. mark says:

    “Scripture is only for laity until 500 years ago” – I think you mean clergy here not laity. I appreciate your thoughts but certainly many of the laws in the Torah are no longer in effect since Christ. Example: Dietary laws, sacrifices, circumcision all requirements in the Torah but not for the NT Church. Why the change someone may ask — answer: B/c they have been fulfilled in our crucified Messiah.
    Keep pressing into truth my sister … love the recipes. Keep them coming.

    • karebiz says:

      Hi Mark,

      You are correct, I meant clergy. Thank you for seeing that!

      How could our Messiah’s death on the cross takes away our need to be obedient to Torah now, when it was required for thousands of years as they were looking forward to His perfect sin sacrifice? Why would it be different for us looking back to His sacrifice? Both groups of people looked to the sacrifice in faith, some before, some after. Those before kept the Torah, why do those after believe they no longer have to?

      The average sincere believer today keeps 140 of the laws given in the Tanuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy). Modern day teaching says they don’t have to, so why do they? Some of those 140 laws are never repeated in the Apostolic Scriptures.

      If our Savior had not perfectly kept the Torah, He could not have been the Divine Messiah and without sin, since sin is defined in Scripture as not keeping the Torah, which is our Father’s standard for righteousness and the target we are to aim for in our conduct.

      Why was Paul prepared to make sacrifices upon completion of his vow in Acts 21?
      Why are there sacrifices prophesied for the future in Ezekiel 40-48?
      Why didn’t Peter ever tell anyone his dream meant he could now eat unclean food and why did he at first argue with the Almighty Creator about eating them after spending 3+ years with the Messiah?
      Why does Revelation 18:2 speak of unclean birds and unclean beasts in the future?
      Why in Isaiah 66 does it speak of a future time when eating swine and mouse is an abomination and Sabbath and the New Moon are kept?
      And most of all, in Matthew 5:17-20 why would our Messiah tell us not to break even the least of the commands in the Torah or to teach others to break them? All the rest of the Scriptures written by Paul and the apostles have to match up to this!

      I phrased these as questions to encourage everyone to seek the answers for themselves, not because I have questions about these things. =)

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