2010 Curriculum

We learned a lot of things over the past few months, and now it’s time to switch from summer school back to our routine school schedule.

Here is what we did over the summer:

Gardening, Swimming, Basic Horse Care, Airplane motors and assembly, Music Composition, Culture of Music, Filming, Music, Psalm 119,  Study of Hawks, Childcare, Some math, Composting, Bread-baking, and much more!

For the 2010/11 school year:

School this year will include unit study, math, science and a variety of additional things.

Photo Courtesy of PinellasTutors.com

Here is the general order of the day. (the plan is to gradually get back on the schedule and officially begin on Tuesday, September 7th)

1. We will be beginning the day with personal Scripture Study and prayer time.  I  have suggested readings and they will use prayer notebooks to write requests, answers, and keep a prayer journal.

2. Breakfast. We will read a chapter of Proverbs at Breakfast each day

3. Morning chores – clean room, personal grooming, clean kitchen, animal chores

4. Math. The two girls will be using Teaching Textbooks.  The boys will probably use a FREE online Math that I just discovered at Khan Academy. This math uses video to explain how math is done, which is very similar to Teaching Textbooks, but $150 less per person since there is no workbook or CDs! =)

5. Unit Study: Our unit study will be a continuation of last year.  We will be using a combination of the HOW method and Torah Club, emphasizing the Holy Days as they come along.  We will also incorporate some American History as those holidays arrive:  Thanksgiving, Presidents Day, Election Day, etc.

For those of you who didn’t read my post on homeschooling last winter, here is a breakdown of the Unit Study

  • a. Read the selected passage from Scripture
  • b. Add to our timeline
  • c. Draw maps relating to the reading
  • d. Write down words that are unfamiliar, spelling them properly.  We use at least 3 different Scripture versions so the words are always different.
  • e. Study relative subjects, such as a structure, animal, plant, food or culture that corresponds to the reading
  • f. Look up the spelling words from D (above) in the dictionary and write down the definitions
  • g. Hebrew Study

6. Lunch: Green smoothies, yogurt and homemade bread


7. Science and History Research Papers, Reading Autobiographies, Typing, Blogging, Life Skills (Cleaning, Organizing, Computer Skills, cooking, bread-baking, etc), Language – (Spanish, Sign Language, Hebrew), Music – (practice violin, guitar, harmonica or piano), nature walks and sketching, letter writing

In addition to the above, we will also be doing animal husbandry,  sewing, crochet, cross-stitch, weekly family music jam, cultural dancing, science videos, making ice cream, horticulture, and candle-making  over the course of the year

On Friday mornings beginning in October, we will participate in some or all of the following with a small local group of families with children: art study, drawing, creative writing, spelling bees, geography bees, swimming, hiking, field trips, educational games, puzzles, nutrition, crafts canning, auto mechanics, shop and weight training


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