New Opportunity For Ministry

My daughters and I had the privilege of attending a banquet for our local pregnancy outreach center last night.  To say it touched my heart would be an understatement.

We heard the testimony of a young mom whose mind was changed and thus her life and her sons lives were changed because of this ministry.

We saw a live ultrasound of a 12 week old baby in utero.

And we had the fantastic opportunity to hear Carol Everett speak.  What a powerful testimony of grace, forgiveness and a truly changed life.  Elohim is good.  He is merciful.

If you want to read her testimony, visit this page Carol Everett’s Testimony

Here is a review of her book, Blood Money

You can purchase it on Amazon

And here is a YouTube trailer of a new movie they made from the book

You can purchase the Video at

My oldest daughter and I decided that we are going to volunteer our time to help this ministry in any way possible.  It’s so easy to stay in our own safe little group with other people who are likeminded, but there is a hurting world out there and we may be the only glimpse of our Savior that they will ever see.  We need to shine His light!  Family ministry is such a wonderful way to do this.

One of the things Carol spoke about was Planned Barrenhood, and no that’s not a typo.  The agenda begins in elementary school and it’s a powerful one.  Their aim is to gain the confidence of the youth and turn them against their parents.  The sad part to me, is that this battle actually began many years ago with a lady named Margaret Sanger.  You may know her as the founder of birth control and the organization which is really called Planned Parenthood.

You can read some of her opinions here.

My dear friend, can you see that birth control is not much different than abortion?  Can you see how that type of thinking paved the way for abortion?  After you read her arguments, you can see that they are all the same ones used when a woman wants an abortion.  Convenience.  The baby is unwanted.  Can’t afford it right now.  Etc…

Our Creator and the Giver of Life says that children are a GIFT.  HE opens the womb (Genesis 30:22), HE closes the womb (1Samuel 1:5).   Do we believe that?  Can we trust Him?  The woman who first promoted birth control had an agenda.  How CAN we agree with that agenda?

I do hope that you will prayerfully consider what you can do to promote awareness of this horrific act of abortion murder.  Please pray, give, volunteer, pass around emails, share this post, whatever you can do.  Let’s educate young girls and all women about the sweet little baby that is in the womb ~ a human life… What a blessing that little life is to those who open their heart to receive it and how tragic it is to end that precious, innocent life with a legal murder.


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