Sabbath Song and Praise – Psalm 93


5 thoughts on “Sabbath Song and Praise – Psalm 93

  1. finding my way says:

    Hi Kare,
    Thank you for visiting my long-neglected blog. I’ve been caught up with so many things, I haven’t written anything on there for a while, but I wanted to thank you for commenting!
    Now I get the enjoyment of reading YOUR blog! I am going to catch up on writing, especially since the holidays are coming up πŸ˜‰
    Blessings to you!

    • karebiz says:

      Welcome to my home on the web =) Thank you for the nice comments and hope you enjoyed the holidays!

  2. glowacademy10 says:

    Hello, I just found your blog πŸ™‚ I really have been enjoying reading it πŸ™‚


    • karebiz says:

      Thank you, Renee! My prayer is that my Father will use this blog to bless people and bring glory to Himself.


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