Harvesting On the Farm

What an amazing autumn we have had!  It got a little chilly in September, but I covered the more fragile plants with sheets and they fared well and continued to produce all the way up to last week when it was too cold to cover with a sheet and I was ready to be done with the garden for the year. =)

We knew it was going to frost, so we were all busy harvesting.  The girls picked all of the tomatoes and the green ones fill up nearly 1/2 of a large brown paper bag.  They are sitting in the coolest spot in the house to keep them from ripening too fast.  Earlier I had cut herbs and have them hanging in my dehydrator to dry, but I had Biologist go out and dig up a Sage, an Oregano, a Basil and a Parsley plant and we put them in pots inside for the winter.  Then I got the zucchini, a little bit of broccoli and pulled the rest of the onions.

Carpenter dug up the rest of the potatoes and we left the peas to see if they will keep producing and the cabbage to see if it will get any bigger.  It’s almost the size of a baseball…

What a great feeling to have that done!

For part of our home education this fall I purchased several books on Amazon and I am having the children read them and write each day on what they are learning.   I have learned some helpful facts from reading the reports and hearing them shout out things as they discover them!  I really enjoy practical home-schooling! =)

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