Too Obedient

There is a lot of controversy these days regarding how much of Scripture should be obeyed.

On the one hand, some believe all of Scripture should be obeyed, to the last yod.

On the other hand, some believe that the Law and the Prophets do not apply to us today and much of the Apostolic writings applied only to the individual churches they were written to.

Though there are some situations where Scripture is unclear and does not specifically address a topic, and in those cases, each person must seek guidance from the Spirit of God and make a decision based on the eternal principals of Scripture, isn’t it dangerous to take the explicit commands in Scripture and try to explain them away as cultural or dispensational?  Isn’t that setting ourselves up to decide which parts of Scripture apply and which ones don’t?

Others divide the law into man-made categories of Moral, Civil and Ceremonial and say we only have to obey the Moral Law.  Who decides which is the Moral Law?  Where did those categories come from?  Or they say that certain laws were only for the Jews.  But ALL the law was given only to the Jews initially, because they were the people who followed YHWH.

Where is the line?  Who gets to decide which laws to keep and what applies today?  Each denomination?  Each Pastor?  They can’t all be right and obviously they don’t all agree.

There has to be an absolute standard or else society is right and relativism is the answer.  So then, who decides the absolute standard?  Is the “Old Testament” obsolete?  Do we obey ALL of the “New Testament?”  From what I have seen, even in the strictest “Christian” circles, the “Old Testament” laws are sometimes applied, such as the law against beastiality and the “New Testament” commands are sometimes not applied, such as 1 Corinthians 11 regarding women wearing headcoverings.   What is the point of picking and choosing?  Deep down inside, is it because we simply don’t want to?  Why NOT let our Father determine the absolute standard and just obey every command in Scripture as long as it is possible to obey?

Some people say that if you are obeying the law, you are legalistic. Is that really what legalism is?  How can a child be too obedient?  If one of my children obeyed every single thing I asked them to do and another one only obeyed most of the things I said, would the first child be too obedient?  Would it make them more my child than the other children?  Would I complain that they were too obedient?  Never.  Would my other children complain about it?  Probably.  It would make them feel uncomfortable for sure.  So would they be justified in asking my first child not to be so obedient?  Not at all.

Read this article by Robin Sampson for further thoughts on the subject of Legalism.

Is Obedience, Legalism?

One thought on “Too Obedient

  1. Joycelyn says:

    I am absolutely in agreement with you! We as chilren of YHWH should strive in all things to be obedient. We will certainly fall short as all children do, but our goal and desire should be of obedience out of love and reverence for our Creator!

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