There is so much to be thankful for that I want to make a list and shout it out to the world!  My Creator has blessed me abundantly!

1. A home filled with love

2. Being in a marriage covenant with the same man for 20.5 years

3. Five arrows in our quiver

4. A nice, warm fire to keep the house warm

5. Plenty of food to eat

6. I am so thankful for the bushels of apples we got earlier this month

7. Extended family that lives nearby

8. My brother and his family who have dedicated their lives to furthering the Kingdom overseas

9. A family heritage of people who love and serve the Almighty Ruler of the Universe

10. Instructions for living and love letters from my Father in heaven

11. Good health in our immediate family

12. Almost a foot (and still coming down) of pure, white snow, creating a breathtaking landscape of wonder

13. Our wonderful creatures that bless us.

14. The Spirit of the Lord that convicts of Lawlessness and enables me to live as I should

15. The promised Messiah and His provision of Salvation for all who repent and place their trust in Him

16. The flicker of a candle

17. The joy of listening to beautiful music

18. The freedom that we still have left in our country

19. The promise of the coming Kingdom of our Lord God Almighty and of His Messiah in Revelation 11:15

20. The taste of rich, dark, smooth chocolate

21. The warmth of a hug

22. The many smells of Thanksgiving Day

I could go on and on.  SOOO much to be thankful for!  I hope that each of us remembers this year just how much we have been given.  There are so many around the world that will go to bed hungry, cold and homeless.

Have a WonderFilled Thanksgiving!


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