Feast of Dedication

Today was the first day of Hanukkah, also called the Feast of Dedication ~ it actually began last night at sunset.  There are many who celebrate Hanukah in place of Christmas, giving gifts to each other and decorating with lights, but that is not really what it’s all about.

Although it is not one of the Feasts ordained by our Father, it certainly doesn’t have pagan origins, and, after all, it is a celebration of our heritage and the history of YHWH’s people! So, why not celebrate it???=)

It appears from the book of John chapter 10 verses 22 and 23 that our Messiah came to Jerusalem during this Feast.  Since His home was quite a walking distance away, it would seem unlikely for Him to be in Jerusalem for any other reason in winter, yet it is specifically mentioned that He was in the temple during the Feast of Dedication.  Not clear enough to be dogmatic, but it certainly gives some reason to ponder.

I would love to hear from some of you as to if and how you celebrate Hanukkah!  It seems like since this Holy Day is about rededicating the Temple, it would be a good time to reflect for 8 days on rededicating our own temple (our body) to the Messiah.

It is also a wonderful time to be reminded of how He is the Light of the World and how we should carry that Light to the world.  I love that the Menorah is a candlestick designed by our Creator Himself!

As Avraham Yehoshua says, “The major theme of Hanuka is our re-dedicating ourselves to Yeshua, to His purpose for our lives.

Learn More About Hanukkah

The Exciting History of Hanukkah

I learned a lot from the above link about the history of Chanukah.  For one thing, Constantine wasn’t the first to outlaw Sabbath and other Scriptural laws…


One thought on “Feast of Dedication

  1. Lisa says:

    What a wonderful photo you found!! We do a “Hanukkah Introduction” party every year to introduce the festival to friends who are curious about the Hebrew Roots of our faith. This year was our 5th annual party. We also do a family gift exchange where we each draw a name of another family member, have a $20 budget and Daddy is the one to call the time for the exchange – “no man knows the hour or the day”. We all are to be prepared ahead of time and be ready at a moment’s notice. Otherwise, we light the candles each night at Bible reading time and sometimes have a short discussion of whatever is on our minds (hopefully) related to Hanukkah subjects.

    How about you?

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