Family Driven Faith

The title of this post is also the title of a book I am presently reading.  The author Voddie T Baucham Jr. is very easy to follow and the book is excellent!  It was recommended to me by a good friend who is also a reader of this blog. (Thank you, Mark)

I have had this book on my “to read” list, along with dozens of other books and this week I decided I am going to just read it.  Wow!  Right away in the first chapter Mr. Baucham gets down to business, talking about the very, very disturbingly high percentage of our young people who leave home and shortly afterward, they leave Christianity.  The remaining pages of the chapter describe the reasons this takes place and he presents a very compelling case.  Friends, the failure rate for modern american christianity is from 70-88%.  This is disgraceful!  It is NOT a normal accepted teenage behavior for our children to go through rebellion and we should not expect it or accept it.  Would we accept it if our youth had  an 80% failure rate in any area of their education?  sports?  music?  Why have we come to even expect it in this most important area of our lives???

Voddie challenges us as parents, with a special emphasis on fathers, to take a serious look at our own lives and priorities to both correct and prevent this same thing from happening in each of our homes.  This is a very sobering and desperately needed book.

If you are seeking to raise children who desire above all else to follow the Supreme God, Creator of the Universe and walk in His ways…

If you are willing to be challenged to the core and hear some hard things…

If you are open to making lasting changes in the way you parent, the way you think and even in the way you live…

I highly recommend this book!

You can find it on Amazon at the following link for only $13.59:

Family Driven Faith: Doing What It Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God

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