Set Apart

Recently I was listening to some recordings from the website Grafted In and it inspired me to make a list of all the ways YHWH wants His people to be set-apart, otherwise called “holy” in Scripture.  Yes, it’s sometimes difficult to “stand out” and be different than everyone else, but if we love Him, isn’t this a wonderful way to demonstrate that by our obedience?  And isn’t it a wonderful way to be a witness too?  So exciting! =)


  • In what we eat – no creatures that are called unclean in the original Scriptures
  • At our meals – thanking Him after we have eaten and are full
  • In how we observe our days from sunset to sunset

In our 7th day Sabbath that is set apart from the other days

“Satan hates that fourth commandment more than all others because it is the the only one that tells who God really is – the creator of “heaven and earth and all that in them is” Exodus 20:11.  You could worship any god and keep the other nine (not kill, steal, etc.) but to keep the fourth comandment you must worship the Creator of the Universe Who Himself rested on the seventh day and commanded His people to do the same in a love relationship wtih Himself.”

A Jan Marcussen

In how we measure the month by the new moon (which by the way began last Sabbath)

In the annual days we celebrate – the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, FirstFruits, Counting of the Omer, Pentecost, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day, no pagan days

All the time:
In our appearance – with tzitzits, head-coverings, modest clothing according to our gender; men with short hair and beards, women with long hair

In our dwelling places –

  • In our homes – writing Scripture on the doorposts and gates, building a parapet on the roof
  • In how we decorate – no engraved images of anything in heaven or on earth or under the earth in the sea
  • On our land – not mixing crops or inbreeding animals, leaving some of the produce for the poor

In Who we worship – the Great I Am, YHWH, the Holy One, no other gods


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