The Exodus – How Important is it?

The book of Exodus is a key to understanding the Bible. Without it, the Bible would lack three early scenes: deliverance, covenant and worship. Exodus provides the events and narrative, the themes and imagery foundational for understanding the story of Israel and of Jesus…Note the balance in the spiritual experience of the Jewish people: God delivered them from bondage (1–18), but freedom should lead to obedience (19–24), and obedience results in worship to the glory of God (25–40). Apart from worship, freedom becomes lawlessness and obedience becomes oppression.

Robin Sampson


4 thoughts on “The Exodus – How Important is it?

  1. brakelite says:

    I have always found it so poignant that the very first thing God revealed to Israel after decades of slavery and oppression from pagan masters, was His law. And when we read on we find how much David and others loved that law; they recognised it as the basis for their relationship with their Creator.
    So ironic when we consider how much of modern Christianity teaches that when Jesus delivers us from the slavery of sin, it is to free us from the bondage of the law. As the writer points out, without worship, which I see as surrender, freedom becomes lawlessness.

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