I Was a Stranger and You Took Me In

Two days ago we had an unusual event happen in our house.

We were going about our daily life and suddenly someone noticed a young boy walking up the driveway. (It’s a pretty long driveway) As he got closer, we didn’t recognize him, but he came all the way up to the porch and was standing on the porch.  I went outside to talk to him.  He said he was just going for a walk.  I asked if his mom knew where he was and he indicated that she did… he looked cold, so I invited him in.

He sat down and I proceeded to ask him questions and in the process discovered that he was 9 years old, autistic and the name of his parents.  Because it was an unusual situation, I told him I would drive him home rather than have him walk.  He wasn’t dressed as warm as I would have liked – no hat, it was around 25-30º and besides, I wanted to talk to his mom.  He was here for maybe an hour.   He met the animals, looked at my sons airplanes, ate a muffin and we talked.  Then I asked if he was ready to go home and he was.

We pulled up to his house and I asked if his mom was inside.  He looked down the driveway and saw her pulling up, so I drove up to meet her.  She was in tears and on her cell phone.  She had been driving around looking for him.  I felt terrible.  In hindsight, I should have taken him home immediately, but I took him at his word that his mom knew where he was.  (sometimes I’m kinda dense) She and I talked for a few minutes and I apologized for not bringing him back sooner.  I also invited her and the other children over to come and visit us sometime and invited her for one of our Sunday afternoon teas.

In spite of the negative aspects of this situation, I believe that YHWH brought this young boy to our home for  a purpose.  I very much enjoyed meeting his mom, he has 3 other siblings, and I am excited to see what becomes of this!

2 thoughts on “I Was a Stranger and You Took Me In

  1. Joycelyn Connet says:

    I believe this little boy needed you and your precious animals for some reason! Often autistic children respond well to animals. Yah brought a young boy to someone who would become a friend to his family and enable him to connect with some of HaShem’s precious creatures.
    Blessings in Yeshua HaMashiach!

    • karebiz says:

      Yes, I believe so. I don’t know much about autism, but I think I will be learning about it! His mom came over yesterday with him and his siblings and we had a very nice visit.

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