Tiny Houses and College

In our latest issues of God’s World News was an article about Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.  I was instantly intrigued.  These little houses make a great use of space and are much more affordable than even a small condo would be in my area.  You can buy plans, buy some of them already built or create your own design.  My interest personally is as a business for my son who likes to build.  However, it would also be a great way for a young man to get started in life.  Here is how I see it:

Option One:

  • 4 Year College Tuition $24,000 (State College)
  • Room and Board $28,000
  • Result – college degree, 4 years, rent money gone
  • TOTAL: $52,000

Option Two:

  • Distance Learning $15000 (EUCLID)
  • Build or Buy a Tiny House $19,995
  • Result: College degree, can work at the same time, or finish in 1/2 the time, own a dwelling place
  • TOTAL: $35,000

    EPU House



Below is a chart of tiny houses listed with their details. 
I have included more photos below the chart.





There are many other options online.  One I really like is Tiny Texas Houses.


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