A Day of Rest

Last night as we were sitting at the table enjoying dinner together, I thought about how special it is to have a day of rest each week and asked my husband, “Why wouldn’t everyone want to have a Sabbath every week?” 

It is such a beautiful day to me.  After a  long week of busyness, I can enjoy ~ No schedule to worry about.  No bills to pay.  No business transactions to take care of.  No schoolwork.  No shopping.  No housecleaning.  No meals to cook.  Isn’t that what every woman dreams of? =) 

Here is a little picture of what our day may look like today.

  • special cold cereal for breakfast
  • leftover pizza, sandwiches, chicken, potatoes, salad, and Challah bread for lunch and/or dinner
  • enjoying our animals
  • taking a leisurely walk – if the weather is pleasant
  • listening to beautiful praise music
  • playing music on the piano/violin/guitar
  • listening to audio sermons from the Sermon Index, Grafted In or sources we have here
  • studying the last section of Psalm 119 that my dad sent to us in an email
  • watching a nature video
  • playing a family game such as “Character Clues” or “Missionary Conquest” or “Champions of Faith”
  • reading a chapter aloud from “One Holy Fire”
  • sometimes we will watch an appropriate instant video on Netflix.  I have several in my que.  My favorites are stories from Scripture, such as Acts or Jeremiah or Moses, etc.

I am so thankful that my Creator gave me this day to be renewed and concentrate on Him on the last day of every week.

What do you do in your home for Sabbath?  Is it a day of rest for you?  If not, what are some ways you can make it more restful?  Share with us in the comments!

2 thoughts on “A Day of Rest

  1. Emily says:

    It is truly a foreshadowing of what is to come! So wonderful!!!
    Shabbat is usually a complete day of rest for us as well. Very similar to yours, we sleep in…eat cold cereal (a more recent thing to lighten the load), hang out together which includes taking walks, spending time with our chickens and playing games. We read the Scriptures and take naps. Leftovers are also on our menu.

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