Thoughts regarding Genesis 1-3

Everything was good until man did not have a suitable helpmeet – Genesis 2:18. =)

All the days began in the evening: and the evening and the morning were the first… day

The sun moon and stars were given for signs, seasons, days, years and light.

Elohim refers to Himself as “us” many times.

Plants were the only thing originally created as food, for all creatures, including man.

Man was put in the garden to work it and keep it before there was sin.

The earth was not meant to function without man.

The first Sabbath was after the first week that time existed.

Every creature, including man, was made from the dust of the earth, except for woman, who was made out of man.

Adam was with Eve when she ate of the forbidden tree.

The first animals were slain and blood shed because of sin – to make skin clothing for Adam and Eve


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