Favorite Bible Software

I thought this might be a good day to review my favorite Bible software.  Since we have PCs, a Mac, an iPhone and a Blackberry in our household, I will share several favorites.

1. For the PC, it’s definitely e-Sword.  It’s free, user friendly, has multiple versions, study helps, graphics, maps and so much more.  To read more details, visit the e-Sword website. 

2. For the Mac – I haven’t tried this one yet, since my Mac is out of commission, but it looks great!  There’s a PC version too.  It’s called Bible Explorer and looks to have the same features as e-Sword. (There is a Mac version of e-Sword, but I tried it and I don’t think it’s as good as the PC version)   Take a look at the features of  Bible Explorer at the Bible Explorer website

3. For the iPhone – Olive Tree and Logos appear to be pretty similar, but the additional Scripture versions cost less with Olive Tree.  I have also used the version by Paul Avery, which is a bit more simple, but very adequate.  I currently have the Olive Tree software for the iPhone

4. The BlackBerry does not belong to me, so I haven’t tried the various options, but Olive Tree has a BlackBerry Bible Study Software version, so that is probably the one I would choose.

5. Online I use Bible.cc  a lot.  I appreciate the search functions and ease of use.  They have included maps and reference books as well as lexicons and other helpful study tools and it’s all FREE.

I hope this review was helpful to you!  I thoroughly enjoy studying Scripture.  This last year has been especially good since I am learning to read in a different light.  I never thought about the fact that it was a Jewish book written by Jews.  Of course that would be the case, but I never thought about it.  Reading through those eyes and with that understanding has cleared up so many confusing issues!  Also going back to the original languages and seeing what was really said, not just the way various people have interpreted it so that it says what they want it to say… yes, even the KJV, which has been my favorite since I was a child.  For a more in depth article on this, visit http://aponderingheart.com/blog/?p=2422


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