Another Saint is Promoted

This is a summary video.  For the entire sermon, see the end of this post. 

I hope these words break your heart like they do mine.


Nearly a month ago, on April 27, 2011, a man who loved the Most High with all of his heart, soul and mind – and definitely with his life – left this earth. I have been deeply moved and stirred in my soul by this man, his testimony, his teaching, his life. The man I speak of is “Brother Dave” or you may know him as David Wilkerson.

I first time I heard of Brother Dave when I was a young girl through the story of “The Cross and the Switch Blade”.  Our family just rented this movie through Netflix and watched it this week. It was made in the 70s, but in spite of the music, it’s a very powerful testimony of who this man was at the beginning of his ministry. Next on our list is “Run, Baby, Run” – a story of Nicky Cruz, whose life was touched because of the burden David Wilkerson had for street kids in NYC.  We are also reading a book by Nicky Cruz as a family titled “One Holy Fire”… but that is for another post =)

I don’t know all the details of Brother Dave’s life, but I know he founded World Challenge, Times Square Church in NYC, Teen Challenge and that near the end of his earthly life he was planning another ministry outreach. He ministered to others right until the end and his last entry, on the date he left this world, seems very timely. You can read it here: David Wilkerson’s Final Message

His son, Gary’s, words give a most accurate description of who this man truly was.  I pray that your life will be touched as you read and that you will catch the vision Brother Dave had for the world, but especially for the poor and needy.

Remembering David Wilkerson by Gary Wilkerson


2 thoughts on “Another Saint is Promoted

  1. Theresa says:

    Thank you so much for attaching that sermon. I needed to hear that. Please pray for me that I will be humble and allow God to have His way with me. . .

    • karebiz says:

      Almighty Ruler of the Universe,

      Please bless my dear sister, Theresa, and grant her request. Thank You so much for her heart that seeks after You and desires Truth. Please honor her earnest heart desires to please You and give her strength to follow you no matter the cost. Thank You that we can come before You directly through the shed blood of the spotless Lamb, your only begotten Son.

      Theresa- I am so blessed that this sermon spoke to you. May our precious Messiah make Himself very real to you in ways you never dreamed possible! 🙂


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