Torah Club

A friend of ours has lent us her copy of  Torah Club for the year, so I wanted to take some time and write about it today.

Torah Club is produced by FFOZ, First Fruits of Zion, ministries.

photo credit: Early Church of Jesus

For thousands of years, the Jews have been reading through the Torah each year and it is divided into portions to be read each week.  These are called Torah Portions.  These are also read weekly on the Sabbath in each Synagogue and are the readings that Yeshua stood up and read from on the Sabbath.  This is also how Moses was taught weekly on the Sabbath, which Paul and those in mentioned in Acts referred to when they said the Gentile believers would begin with the 4 Laws and be taught the rest of Moses every Sabbath.  They had both modeled and taught them to meet together on the Sabbath and follow the Torah, or instructions on how to be set apart.  The book of Acts makes it very clear that the Gentiles were meeting on Sabbath.

So, what is Torah Club?  It is each of the Torah Portions expounded on in audio format as well as written format.  There are 5 years worth of teachings from the Torah Portions.  The year we are listening to is the foundational one and we have found it to be very helpful and informative.  There is a section on learning Hebrew, a section on the passage itself, they refer to the Prophetic reading as well as the Apostolic reading for the week.

What an exciting way to read through Scripture, knowing that many around the world are reading the very same thing and our Savior did during His time on earth.

In Hebrew homes, education was centered around the Torah.  I mentioned in an earlier post that we get together with other believers on the Sabbath and our most recent study was “In the Dust of the Rabbi” by Ray VanderLaan.  Ray reminded us of this fact in the final lesson of the series.  The Torah was what they used to do all of their teaching, so the children were well-taught as far as what was expected of them as followers of YHWH.


4 thoughts on “Torah Club

  1. Emily says:

    Let me know how you like it.
    We went through the first volume, twice. My oldest was preschool age then and he just devoured the mini workbooks for the kids that went along with each parashah. Truly I think this was such a HUGE foundation for him at this age. Today he can sit alongside the adults (at age 9) with understanding from above that at moments baffles us all. Granted, he more than not acts his age 🙂 but it just goes to show that those like Paul who studied Torah from the beginning and continued in the Faith are set apart.

    • karebiz says:

      Since this one is borrowed, we did not get the workbooks, but I have printed out pages from various websites. How wonderful that you were walking in The Way when your children were so young! Mine are having to relearn along with me and it doesn’t come as easily. =) The younger ones are definitely catching on more quickly than the older ones. I can only imagine how firm a foundation those who have studied Torah from the beginning of their lives must have.

  2. Trishia Herbst says:

    How are you liking it, Kare? We’ve also got the Children’s Torah Club and you’re welcome to use that too (we’ve gone through it twice but did another study over this past year and we’re still working on finishing the second half of it up)…however it’s probably a little “young” for your kids. I’d say it’s best for ages 6-10… Emily, are there other “workbooks” for the kids now or is it the Children’s Torah Club that you’re referring to? I really, really want to do TC 4!!! (Well, all of them, but if I had to choose just one more, that’d be it).

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