Winton Bluegrass

About a year ago I had the privelege of listening to the Winton’s at a house concert.  Last night they were playing again at the same house and we joined a group of about 50 people who went to hear them.  The stage was a patio with a mountain backdrop and steers romping in the nearby pasture.  A perfect setting for a bluegrass concert. (by the way, those mountains are about 30 miles away)


The players are Mr Randy Winton and his two sons, Jesse and Cody, who are now 17 and 19.  These young men are excellent pickers and have won top positions at the California state level for multiple years.  Their combination of bluegrass and gospel is a pleasure to listen to and Mr Winton speaks passionately of their mission to spread the good news as they travel.

As an extra bonus, last night Hannah King played Ashokan Farewell with the two sons.  Hannah won “Best Liked Player” at the Montana State Old Time Fiddlers Contest this year.

This year the family, including their mom and 2 adopted sisters, will be traveling for 4 months in their RV.  As they travel, they also promote a website for those of us who have a home business.  It’s called Christian Home Industry.  If you have a home business, take a look at it and see if you would like to be a part of it.

The men of the family have also begun a movie production company and their first movie is due for release in the fall.  It is a documentary on adoption, called Rescue, taking the view that adoption is a way of caring for the orphans and as believers, we should strongly consider this!  Please visit the website to learn about the movie and how you can help promote it.  The Winton’s desire is to have a company that will produce clean films with a powerful Scriptural message, similar to Franklin Springs.  I am so thankful for companies who do this!  What an opportunity to be a missionary in the homes of people everywhere. =)

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