No Shampoo? No Problem!

I have a confession to make =)  I have not used shampoo since July 6th.

Why would I do a crazy thing like that? 

A couple of reasons.

  • One, it saves money
  • Two, it is healthier for my hair

Just like the bar of “soap” you buy at the store, shampoo strips your hair of it’s natural oils.  Actually, most of the bars you purchase are not really soap at all, but detergent in bar form.  They are full of chemicals and additives that dry your skin.  Shampoo does the same thing.  Even some organic shampoos, which are very expensive.  It may not save a whole lot for one person to give up shampoo, but what about a family of 7?

I read about not using shampoo quite a while ago.  It’s often called the “No poo method”.  I even attempted it, but there is a breakthrough period and I gave up too soon.  This time around I determined that I would wear hats or whatever I needed to get through it and I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks already!

Here is a picture my daughter just took for me.  It’s breezy outside, so my hair is blowing, but you can see how healthy it looks.

3 weeks with no shampoo

The first time I also tried to “wash” my hair with baking soda and it was gritty and I didn’t like it.  This time I have only scrubbed my scalp with my fingernails and then twice I have rinsed with apple cider vinegar (ACV).  I think I’m going to make it! =)

I like finding little ways to save money and be more natural.  I now only use my homemade soap, homemade deoderant and it looks like I won’t be using shampoo any more either.  Next is toothpaste. =)


7 thoughts on “No Shampoo? No Problem!

  1. Emily says:

    your hair is beautiful!
    Happy prep. day.

    (For years now, we use only alum. free baking soda for toothpaste. It too takes a bit to get use to but our whole family can’t stand to use anything else.)

    • karebiz says:

      Thanks, Emily =) My prep day will be filled with laundry. Our machine broke, haven’t done it for 2 days and at 1pm today they will bring the “new to us” front load washer and dryer … I never thought I could be so excited to do laundry!

      I knew baking powder had aluminum, but baking soda too? Does Arm and Hammer have aluminum?

      I hope you have a productive day too!

  2. Emily says:

    I did, Baruch HaShem and thank you! My parents are expected to come down for a visit sometime tomorrow. So I wanted to get even more prep done than usual.
    I am sure you will enjoy your new washer & dryer. (My in laws have the front end loaders and they are super quiet.) I recall being that excited to do laundry when our well dried up last summer at our last home. It is good to be reminded how we can take our luxuries for granted, no?
    Baking soda containg aluminum in it is controversial. Some say that it is a marketing scheme. I am not sure about arm & hammer in particular. From what I understand some companies chemically produce their baking soda by creating a chemical reaction between soda ash and carbon dioxide versus mining deposits of naturally occurring sodium bicarbonate. Bob’s Red Mill sells alum. free soda and that is what we use figuring we brush our teeth twice a day. They claim to extract the soda by an all-natural water process that uses no chemicals.

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