Is College Necessary?

This is put together very well and full of logical points.  PLEASE take the time to watch and SHARE this
This pretty well expresses my view of college…  and it doesn’t even talk about the negative influence of the professors on the students
People who did not finish high school or go to college:  Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Mary Kay, Julie Andrews, Chet Atkins, Glen Beck, Warren Buffet, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, Peter Jennings, Florence Nightingale, John D Rockefeller, Teddy Roosevelt, Frederick Henry Royce, William Shakespear, Stephen Spielberg, Ted Turner, John Wayne, and many more here
I am opposed to the god of education.

4 thoughts on “Is College Necessary?

  1. Emily says:

    NO! (And I have not watched the video, yet)
    I have a degree. A piece of paper that wasted a lot of my parents money and my time.
    I firmly believe this is NOT the path for wholehearted believers. Yes I speak of seminaries too. Shamefully the world places a lot of faith in these “credentials”.

    • karebiz says:

      I heartily agree. I wasted 3 years of my life and money going to college because that’s what everyone did. I didn’t want a career in the first place. And I never did get a degree and have done quite well without it. =) There are so many presidents, business owners, and other people who are successful by the worlds standards. PLUS, how many times does it say in Scripture that the disciples and even Yeshua amazed the religious leaders because they were unlearned and yet they had so much wisdom? Our schools and seminaries, in addition to what this movie says, are in reality, nothing more than infiltration, indoctrination and brainwashing for the purpose of training the generations – and it has worked. We now have an entire generation of youth who think the way they have been taught to think in school and in church. Their influence is so strong, that even the older generations are caught up in it. Oh, I could so easily get up on my soapbox right now =) I also believe that in addition to the literal idols in our country (Buddah and others I am not familiar with) that idolatry is a huge problem here. The god of sports, the god of education, the god of entertainment. At least Hollywood knows how to name it appropriately. American Idol. How much more in our face do we need it to be???

  2. Emily says:

    I agree there is a most deceitful plan here…get em in school as early as we can, set the foundation (forsake G-d, preach evolution), push college (a higher level of indoctrination including potential for entering the “elite” and at the same time dumbing down with drugs and alcohol), slave (I mean work for the elite-or perhaps we can call it Egypt) to keep the status quo, add some television programs (brainwashing) to keep them were they are at, and we got em’. Hook, line and sink em. Brody likens it to “get in line and papers please”. While I sum it up as this “fallen world”. Either way it has evil written all over it.
    May YHVH keep our children and protect them from the strangers way.

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