Greek Yogurt or Yogurt Cheese Recipe

Photo courtesy of The Free

My very dear friend shared this recipe with me and it is not only easier than my other recipe, but it also uses less ingredients!  AND, it’s so delicious and creamy!

She uses cow milk,


I use goats milk.


It’s your choice. =)

I would recommend starting this right after dinner so it will be ready for lunch the next day.


  • 1 gallon milk (raw is best, organic is next best)
  • 1 cup yogurt (if you don’t have your own starter, I recommend plain organic yogurt)

Heat 1 gallon of milk to 175 or 180 and then hold there for 20 minutes.  (I just turn the flame off, put the lid on and let it sit)

Remove from burner, take off the lid and allow to cool to 110.  This will take 1-2 hours, unless your house is very cold.  You might want to set the timer for 30 minutes and check it, then again in 20 minutes, then in 10, etc.

Take out 1 cup of the hot milk and add to the yogurt, then add the combined mixture back into the hot milk.  Stir well.

If you have a gas or propane oven, put the lid back on and place the entire pot in the oven overnight or the equivalent amount of time.  After 8 hours or so, you will have regular yogurt.  You can eat it just like it is as a normal yogurt or if you prefer the thicker, creamy greek yogurt, then scoop the yogurt into a muslin bag like this one

(can be purchased here) and hang it above a large bowl for 1-2 hours, or until it stops dripping.  

The bowl will filled with whey, which can be fed to chickens or used in smoothies.  You should end up with 1-2 quarts of greek yogurt.

Isn’t that easy?

Now you can add honey, vanilla, maple syrup, granola, fresh fruit or whatever toppings you like and eat it up!

Check out this recipe for TZATZIKI SAUCE (made with Greek Yogurt) at The Free



One thought on “Greek Yogurt or Yogurt Cheese Recipe

  1. Jessica Watson says:

    Hello Kare,
    My name is Jessica and I am contacting you on behalf of our Graphic Design company, JohnstonWorks, based in London.

    We would like to use your gorgeous image of the final product of your Greek Yogurt recipe for a magazine article we are currently designing. We would credit your photography at the end of the magazine.

    We would like to know what size and resolution the image is?

    If you could please get in contact with us ASAP (either email or phone) with your decision, that would be much appreciated as we have deadlines to work to.

    Kind Regards,

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