Sobering Events

Last night my husband came home around 7:30pm and told us there was a terrible multiple-car accident about 4 miles down the highway and he had to take a 17 mile detour.  The highway, which is a mile from our driveway, is infamous for the amount of accidents that happen there, mainly from deer or drunk drivers.  One of my sons did mention that he had that feeling someone died/was going to die today, even before he heard about the accident.  He wondered about it, because he thought you only got that when it was someone in your family.  We didn’t hear from anyone we knew, so I didn’t dwell on it.

At 10:15pm my oldest son called and asked if I could come and get him in town (a 10 mile drive each way) as his shift at work was over.  My daughter wanted to come with me, so we drove down the highway, but about 3 miles down the road, we found that it was closed and they were still detouring traffic from the accident.  It must have been a terrible accident to take that long to clean up and investigate.

A few minutes later we got a phone call from the young man who lives next door to us.  He is good friends with my 3 sons, especially my oldest son.  He asked for my son and I said we were on our way to pick him up.  He then explained that he was desiring a ride home as well.  He was in the hospital.  His grandfather (who is more like his father) was in the accident that my husband had told me about and he passed away.  (a total of 8 people went to the hospital as a result of the accident).  I told him we would be happy to give him a ride home.

I am deeply saddened.  Partly for the family and their loss.  This man was probably between 65 and 75, so not very old and not expecting to die any time soon.  My son had just bought an old car from him this month and has been fixing it up and he was planning to hunt with him and his grandson this fall.

When I spoke to my family about it, I mentioned that he probably didn’t wake up that morning thinking he was going to die.  I reminded them how important it is to be ready to die and to live each day as if it were our last.

UPDATE:  Please pray for the family that was in the other vehicle that was hit.  The father and one twin son are in serious condition and the other twin son is in critical condition.  The mother and other child are much better.  Also, please pray for the man who fell asleep, causing the accident.  I can’t imagine what he is going through right now.  I know him as a customer and he is a nice man.


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