Cowgirls and Rodeos

What do cowgirls and rodeos have to do with At Home With KARE?

Organic mineral makeup.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, as you can see in the photo on my page, but I do believe a lady should look her best as a representative of the King of Kings.   A lady should wear makeup that enhances the features given to her by her Creator, not draw attention to herself and certainly no one should notice the makeup itself.  A little mascara, powder, blush, a lipstick that matches the shade of her lips…   So that she looks brighter, perkier, healthier, glowing…    I think we all know what inappropriate makeup looks like =)


Yep, I just became a distributor for a young company called Cowgirl Dirt that sells makeup made from minerals.  I’ve been wearing Bare Minerals for a couple of years and liked it, but when I heard some friends of mine had bought this company and it’s even better than Bare Minerals, I decided to add it to my line of products!  So now we sell Raw Shea Butter, Healthy Candles, Probiotic Organic Chocolate, Coconut Oil Soap (out of stock at the moment), and Cowgirl Dirt Mineral Makeup.

Support a believing family who owns the business and At Home With KARE =) …check it out:  KARE


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