We have had our first latke’s this week.  They are somewhere between a potato pancake and hash-browns.  Yum!  We googled a recipe online and fried them in butter on our cast iron skillet.  My daughter, Artist, made her famous Ranch dressing (which is miles better than any we have tasted from the store!), which we then put on top.  We served them with fresh sliced pink lady apples and really raw organic probiotic cheese that we bought from our Beyond Organic Living website.  This was followed by some of Alden’s chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream and delicious chocolate chip cookies which the girls had made earlier in the week … we just take the dough out of the fridge and make cookies in the toaster oven at a moments notice =)

I won’t share the recipe yet.  I want to try a few and see which one I like best!  If you have a favorite latke recipe, please post it for me to try!

We are also making a Hanukkah lapbook.  We purchased it at Heart of Wisdom.  This is the first lapbook we have ever made, but I don’t think it will be the last!  I love the way it emphasizes our Messiah, the Light of the World.  I also like the way it engages the mind and body with cutting, pasting, writing and reading.  Great learning tool!

Hanukkah Lapbook

Even though Hanukkah isn’t one of YHWH’s feasts, there is so much meaning to it AND the celebration has no pagan origins!  The best part is, it’s 8 days long!  We just passed the halfway mark.  4 more days of celebration!  YES!

NOTE: We are still looking into some *parts* of Hanukkah, such as the dreidel and the Hanukkiah.


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