Convenient Beliefs

The following are things called detestable by YHWH:

  • homosexuality
  • idolatry (putting anything before YHWH)
  • child sacrifice (abortion would be one example)
  • divination (attempting to see into the future)
  • sorcery (harnessing occult forces to produce desired results)
  • witchcraft (the practices of witches)
  • spell casting
  • channeling spirits (communicating with spirit beings)
  • consulting the dead
  • employment of prostitution in worship
  • gender cross-dressing
  • remarrying a previous spouse who has remarried
  • inaccurate weights and measures used to defraud
  • eating unclean foods

In every single group of believers I grew up with these would all receive a hearty amen… except for the last one.  Why is that?  As D. Thomas Lancaster says, “How do we reconcile condemning homosexuality while going over to the Red Lobster’s ‘all-the shrimp -you-can-eat special’ on Friday night?”

These days, quite a few of these are not considered an abomination any more.  The line is getting blurred.  Did YHWH change?  Or did we?

Here is the way it has been explained.  The Torah has been divided by men into 3 categories.  Moral law, civil law and ceremonial law.  Again, these are MAN MADE categories.  The story is told that today only the moral law remains.  This has been contrived for the convenience of popular theology.  Nowhere does Torah itself give ANY indication of a separation between moral and ceremonial law.  YHWH did NOT distinguish between the laws, but we have.

“And because we have, it is possible for some theologians and seminarians to condone homosexualtiy even in the clergy of the church. Any scriptures condemning such behaviour can be readily dismissed as antiquted ceremonial laws, not part of the essential morality of the Bible.  Following this line of reasoning, nothing can be said to be absolutely wrong or right.  Rather, everything is subject to possible reinterpretation and dismissal as part of the obsolete body of  ceremonial legislation.

By dividing the Word of God into arbitrary categories, some of which we have declared no longer valid, we have dug our own theological grave and handed the shovel to the opponents of the Gospel.  Now we can only shout out in protest as they scoop the dirt in on us…conservative Christianity has little answer.”  D Thomas Lancaster, from the book Restoration

If only believers would realize that YHWH’s commandments, embodied in the Torah, which He gave to Moses at Mt. Sinai; reflect the practical wisdom of a loving Elohim, intentionally given to His children to set them apart from the world, to preserve and protect them through faith and to guide them to mature faith and righteousness; it is the basis for our biblical heritage of our faith, but not the basis for our salvation.


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