Sabbath Rest

You know that feeling you get when you are preparing for company?  Making sure the house is presentable, cooking a special meal, mentally preparing yourself…  all those things and more are a part of Preparation Day.  Every week.  But it’s so much better than *just* having company, although company can be a part of it.  Maybe a better picture would be getting ready for a Thanksgiving meal and inviting company.  There is great anticipation because it is a special day.  In reality, the entire week is preparation for that one day.  The TRUE Lord’s Day.  Sabbath, which was made for us. =)  Isn’t that special?

It’s been nearly 2 years now since we have been setting this day apart from other days in our home and I still don’t understand why it is considered such a drudgery or why something so beautiful is so misunderstood.  I truly believe that the disciples of our Messiah, those who desire to follow Him, are missing out on so much because of what they have been taught by their leaders.  There is such RICHNESS in Torah.

Can Torah be legalistic?  Can Torah be drudgery?  Can Torah lose it’s meaning?  Yes.  But only if it is kept with improper motives.  Or when we add to it.

So, as this Sabbath begins, here is a song to our God, Creator of the Universe, the Most High Elohim ~ YHVH.



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