I’ve been reading in Solomon’s Ecclesiastes this week.  What an interesting, thought provoking book.

In the first chapters he speaks of the futility of labor – only to do well and then when you die, you leave it to someone who never worked for it.

In another verse he comments on the fact that he worked hard and built great things, not denying himself any pleasure, only to find emptiness.I think my favorite verses so far are 2:24,25 and 3:12-13

A man could do no better but to eat and drink, and enjoy himself in his labour! That too, I saw, was from the hand of Elohim.

I know that there is no good for them but to rejoice , and to do good in their lives, and also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is a gift of Elohim.

So in addition to our REST, our labour is a gift from our Creator.  I wonder how many of us look at it that way.  Notice also that he says to eat and drink and enjoy the things you have attained through your labor.  That sounds like we shouldn’t be working so hard that we have no time to live.

And the famous chapter – there is a time for everything.  To be born, to die, to plant, to uproot, to kill, to heal, to break down, to build up, to weep, to laugh, to mourn, to dance, to throw stones, to gather stones, to embrace, to refrain from it, to seek, to lose, to keep, to throw away, to tear, to sew, to be silent, to speak, to love, to hate, to battle, to make peace…

Solomon also talks about the difference between man and beast.  A beasts spirit does down to the earth and a man’s spirit goes upward… yet in another verse he says they all go to one place – from dust and to dust.  However, this to me sounds like the flesh.

He talks about the importance of not being alone – how two can work harder, lift each other up, keep each other warm, withstand more…

There are times when his thoughts seem to contradict each other, but I think that is because he is going through a process.  He realizes the emptiness of life – but it is because his priorities are wrong.  When he realizes what the true blessings are, his thinking shifts and he is greatful for the blessings he has.

Any other thoughts?  I know there are people who don’t like this book because it does a lot of philosophizing, but I find it very interesting.  I would love to hear what you all think about these first four chapters…




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